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The fennel flower is a bright yellow beautiful flower that looks breathtaking when it blooms. It has been famous among people for many years now, not for its beauty but also for its medicinal and culinary purposes. Its history goes back to the times when it was used in the Mediterranean area when the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians used it extensively.

You must have heard how Prometheus, one of the Titans and the god of fire, stole fire from the Gods and gifted it to mankind. According to Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire with the help of the Fennel plant. It is also mentioned that the large fennel plant helped the Greek god Dionysus gain many followers and his Bacchanalian wands.

Although the flowers have a great smell, the leaves of this plant smell pungent, and fennel flowers also always bloom in clusters and form an umbrella-like shape. The scientific name of this bright, attractive flower is Foeniculum Vulgare. It is also commonly known as Large Fennel, Sweet Fennel, Common Fennel, Fenkel, Wild Fennel, Hinojo, Bitter Fennel, Garden Fennel, Hinojo de Castillo, and Cilantrillo.

The fennel flower meaning has its roots in the sweet smell it produces. It came from the French word “fenoil,” which again came from the Latin word “foeniculum,” meaning “hay.” The Greeks also called this flower marathon from the word “mariano,” meaning to grow thin. You must have heard of the Battle of Marathon, which also meant the battle on the plain with fennel flowers.

These days, you can find fennel flowers in almost every part of the world. Although this flower is native to the Mediterranean, it has gained popularity in the Caribbean Islands, North, Central, and South America. During the summer, this feathery, delicate flower shaped like an umbrella can attract anyone passing by.

What does the Fennel flower symbolize?

Fennel flower meanings and symbolism have a great history behind them. This flower was first brought to Europe by Emperor Charlemagne. 

The reference to this flower can be vividly found in Italian folklore and Greek mythology. According to Greek mythology, Prometheus had also been given the gift of immortality by the fennel flower.

This flower was famous as a great gifting option and also as a medicine. Roman women used to consume this aromatic plant to reduce obesity. It was also used back then to improve eyesight and other eye problems.

In medieval times, the fennel flower was also used to keep evil spirits away from one’s house. It was often found hung at the doors with some other herbs to stop the entry of any ghosts into the house.

Fennel flower meanings and symbolism have an interesting history attached to them. The Greeks also identify the fennel flower with strength and longevity. 

The meaning of the fennel flower will also be complete if we include courage. The Romans used to feed their soldiers with fennel tea before they went to war, symbolizing courage and bravery.

The famous English writer Shakespeare used the fennel flower in his dramas to symbolize various emotions. Fennel flower, in one of the greatest plays, means adultery and flattery. 

In Victorian times, the fennel flower also symbolizes strength.

All in all, the fennel flower symbolic meanings are:

  • strength
  • flattery
  • adultery
  • immortality
  • happiness
  • prosperity

Meaning of the Fennel flower color

Yellow color

Fennel flowers are not found in a variety of colors. They are usually yellow-colored small aromatic flowers that are very bright and have a specific meaning. Although the fennel flower typically signifies flattery, its bright yellow color also signifies joy. The color symbolizes happiness and prosperity.

If someone gives you fennel flowers, they consider you their friend and have your best interests in mind. The yellow color of this beautifully scented flower also increases the positive energy in whichever room they are kept in. Other than that, it also symbolizes success in every sphere of life.

Interesting facts about the Fennel flowers

  • Fennel herbs are also very famous all across the world. There are mainly two types of fennel herbs—sweet and bitter.
  • These plants are very fertile and grow vigorously once planted properly.
  • You can expect fennel flowers to start blooming from 12 to 16 weeks of sowing.
  • Every part of the fennel plant—flower, stem, seeds, vegetables, etc. is edible.
  • Fennel flowers are also used to add flavor to the food.
  • This flower is also rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and can work as a detox when included in the diet.

How to grow Fennel flowers

Fennel plants grow vigorously. If you plant one fennel plant in your garden, you can find your whole garden filled with it in a few days. The fennel flower is also very aromatic and fertile. The plant is highly prolific as the herb is cross-pollinated with the help of wind or insects.

  1. Plant fennel in moist, fertile, well-drained soil.
  2. Place them in a spot where they can get at least six hours of direct sun on most days.
  3. Apply compost to the soil when planting.
  4. Water whenever the soil feels dry about an inch down, but don’t allow the plant to become waterlogged.

How to care for Fennel flowers

  1. Give the fennels a little additional water if the weather is hot and dry.
  2. Apply an occasional dose of mild fertilizer.
  3. Add a layer of compost around its base every few months during the growing season.
  4. Pinch off flowers as they appear to prevent the plant from going to seed.

Best time to gift Fennel flowers

There is absolutely no perfect time to give someone fennel flowers as a gift. Fennel flowers are attractive and bright and can be a great gift option anytime you want. Since this flower signifies growth, positivity, and friendship, it can be gifted at a success party or even cheer someone up.

This flower is also an embodiment of courage, so it can also be gifted to someone sick or going through a tough time. It will give them the courage and strength to fight the situation easily. 


Whether grown for its culinary value or as ornamental, growing fennel will be an easy and attractive addition to your garden.

Flowers are always a great gift option, and the fennel flower’s beautiful meaning makes it even more attractive.
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