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The cosmos flower meaning gets its etymological origin from the Greek word “cosmos” which literally refers to the universe. Cosmos represents the congruence and balance of all things that make up the universe. Cosmos is one of the easiest flowers to grow and maintain. It can be found in the beginner’s cottage garden adding an economical pop of colours to the environment and even cultivated by the experts as a stunning addition to their coveted collection. Their hallmark features include 8 delicate petals that are reminiscent of daisies, tall lean stems that go up to 6 feet, vibrant hues and self-scattering seeds.

Native to Mexico, it was discovered by Spanish voyagers in the 16th century and transported to other parts of the world subsequently. Today it is also found in North America, South America, South Africa and some parts of Europe and Asia. Its genus includes an impressive 40 species of flowers who fall under the umbrella of cosmos. Cosmos finds its botanical name as Cosmos Bipinnatus. It belongs to the family of Asteraceae and its floral sisters include sunflowers, asters, daisies and zinnia. They popularly enchant bees, favorable insects, monarch butterflies and hummingbirds in the garden. Cosmos blooms perennially but thrives best as a summer flower. It is a multifaceted flower that’s used to adorn gardens and homes in the form of vases and floral arrangements. It can even serve as long-lasting cut flowers in gifting bouquets.

What do Cosmos flowers symbolize

The cosmos flowers meaning is synonymous to many significant qualities such as consonance, symmetry, benevolence, independence, endurance, eternity, beauty and euphoria. They are also regarded as a symbol of the life-giving chi that flows through the universe. It abundantly invites positivity and fortune to ward off negative energy. Its etymological roots signify bringing order wherever there is chaos on earth and dispelling discord in favor of harmony. Due to its gentle texture, it has become the official flower of the World Kindness Movement founded by Japan. The self-sustainable nature of its seeds also symbolically reminds us to be self-reliant.

The interesting mismatch between its dainty appearance and ambitious height represent the fiercely resilient nature of the cosmos flower to survive even subpar soil conditions. The eight-petaled blossom numerically evokes the infinity sign and is considered a flourishing symbol of longevity and prosperous health. It is an indisputable token of beauty for its largely ornamental value and its multihued appearance also brings joy into the lives of those who are around it. A noteworthy aspect of the cosmos flower meaning is in its association with the throat chakra. It is believed to encourage people to express themselves freely and make them excel in the gift of communication.

What do the various colours of the Cosmos flower mean

Cosmos flower meaning depends on its varying colour palette.

Red Cosmos – The red cosmos flower denotes romantic love and passionate feelings. Planting the shades of red cosmos in your garden reinforces your commitment to your partner. The scarlet cosmos represents the exhilaration of true love and the crimson cosmos signifies love that doubles with age. The red cosmos is the ultimate symbol of eternal love and twin flames.

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Pink Cosmos – Pink cosmos flower has close ties with femininity and makes the perfect gift for the various women in your life. It is associated with public displays and physical affirmations of love. Pink cosmos is the ideal companion to a hug given to your mother or a kiss given to your sister. The beauty and grace of pink cosmos makes it the most popular cosmos flower.

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Yellow Cosmos – The yellow cosmos flower meaning represents happiness, warmth and radiance. It is a symbol of vitality and positivity and reminds us to live life to the fullest. The explosion of yellow colour in your garden brings feelings of freedom, friendship and fun. They make an inspiring and indispensable addition to every bouquet meant for different occasions.

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White Cosmos – White is a colour often associated with peace, purity and spirituality. This is true for the white cosmos flower as well. They also signify devotion and faithfulness in romantic relationships. They exude positive feelings towards loved ones on birthdays and anniversaries alike.

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Brown Cosmos – The brown cosmos flower, also known as the chocolate cosmos is known for its saccharine fragrance and rich burgundy colour. Its earthy tones remind you to value humility and stay connected to Mother Nature while also evoking the feeling of security. Brown is a colour linked with masculinity and the brown cosmos makes a great gift for the men in your life.

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Orange Cosmos – The orange cosmos signifies prosperity, success, zestfulness, redemption and enjoyment. It is linked related to the platonic relationships in your life and can be given to family, friends and colleagues.

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Purple Cosmos – The purple cosmos flower meaning stands for strength, enlightenment, royalty, mystery and long-lasting love. Its multipurpose symbolism makes it a unique gift for first dates and festivals.

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Interesting facts and characteristics of the Cosmos flower

– The cosmos flowers are known by different names in various parts of the world such as German aster, pompoms, chocolate cosmos, spider daisies and ulam raja. It is additionally called as sonata, garden cosmos, bright lights, dazzler, sulphur cosmos, daydream and so on.

– The cosmos flower is the birth flower for the month of October and popularly associated with the sun sign Libra whose symbol is also evocative of the balance the cosmos flower represents.

– Cosmos are a favourite in butterfly gardens and attract many butterflies. They are especially sought by monarch butterflies and painted ladies.

– The cosmos flower meaning also has ancient and sacred geometrical significance as it was thought to be similar to the flower of life which is made up of 19 overlapping circles.

– Cosmos have excellent medicinal value because of its natural properties to fight viral and bacterial infections. They are also used in treatment of diabetes, malaria and to quell inflammation.

– Parts of the cosmos plant are edible in many cultures. East Asian countries consume the stems and leaves of the plants. They form a vital ingredient of salads combined with herbs and used for medicinal purposes.

– Its bright lush colours are also extracted to constitute natural dyes in parts of South America.

Best time to gift someone Cosmos flowers

The cosmos flower is an interesting choice meant for an array of occasions. The cosmos flower meaning stays relevant for gifting throughout the year. It can be gifted on birthdays of those born in October and is particularly used to commemorate two years of a relationship. Pink cosmos is important for Mother’s Day, red cosmos for your romantic partner and white cosmos for someone’s passing. Orange cosmos is significant when you’re making amends with someone, yellow cosmos for sending positive vibes, brown cosmos for aromatizing your home and purple cosmos for a special someone.