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In nature, there are many flowers with five petals. Due to their unique features, this category of flowers is also classified as pentamerous flowers. A pentamerous flower not only has petals in sets of five, but its stamens and sepals are also five in count.

The combination of five petals in a flower enhances its visual beauty. Insects like bees and butterflies are attracted to the brilliant colors of flower petals while searching for delicious nectar. Humans too have evolved to appreciate the delicate and vibrant sight of petals. When combined with the flower’s fragrance, a petal’s beauty multiplies tenfold.

As discussed earlier, many flowers are blessed with five petals. Some of the more popular ones include – Periwinkles, Rosaceae, Trumpets, Yellow Cinquefoil, Hibiscus and Marsh Marigold. There are many more such flowers blooming in nature.

The Pentas Flower

But there are some flowers which are more special than others. One such special flower has a name inspired by the number “5”. This is the Pentas flower. They look exactly like the stars you drew on paper as children. And in a way, they are as ethereal as they look. You might have come across them, but perhaps never realized the 5 petal flower meaning.

Baby Blue Eyes Flower

Another amazing 5 petal flower is Nemophila, popularly known as Baby Blue Eyes Flower. This 5 petal flower has wide, cup or bell shaped petals that look elegant and beautiful. People who gaze at this flower find it visually comforting.

This article will elaborate the cultural, spiritual and social significance of Pentas and Baby Blue Eyes, the two 5 petal flowers.

In the next section of this article, you will explore the 5 petal flower meaning and what that symbolizes.

What do Five Petal Flowers Symbolize?

To discover the 5 petal flower meaning, you will have to take a trip down the lane of history.

Pentas Flower as a Symbol

Across many old cultures, the Pentas flower held a special significance. Some traditions and rituals related to the flower have survived and are still practiced in modern day.

During the reign of the ancient Greek civilization, the Pentas flower stood for purity and chastity. It is shaped like a pentagram, which in many cultures symbolizes goodness and protection from harm or evil. Some cultures consider the Pentas flower to reflect the balance present in nature. According to Taoism, each of its five petals denotes a major element that constitutes the world – wood, water, fire, earth and metal.

The Pentas flower is also seen as a harbinger of good fortune or luck. When they bloom, some cultures believe that something good is about to affect their lives. This belief is majorly inspired from the shape of the Pentas’ petals, which some cultures think resembles gold coins.

Its star-shaped appearance also imbues the Pentas flower with a sense of importance and authority. The flower is treated as an icon of being special and great.

Baby Blue Eyes as a Symbol

At its core, the Baby Blue Eyes is a symbol of success and victory. But that feat is achieved through the overcoming of difficult obstacles.

The appearance of Baby Blue Eyes is very delicate and calming. It reflects the amount of water this flower requires to thrive. This reliance and predilection for water endows Baby Blue Eyes with sensitivity, faith and innocence. For many cultures which value strength and courage, Baby Blue Eyes symbolizes the purpose for exercising that strength and courage. Why do you fight? To protect and defend those whom you love.

Going with the theme of success, the common sky blue color of Baby Blue Eyes symbolizes dreams and ambition.

What do the Various Colors of the Five Petal Flower mean?

Now it is time to discover the 5 petal flower meaning through the color of the petals.

The Pentas Flower Petals

The Pentas flower many varieties. Their petals come in shades of white, purple, red and pink.

What is the Meaning of White Petals?

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The color white is associated with peace and purity across many cultures. Since white petals also symbolize hope, people often gift white Pentas to the sick or depressed. According to a legend, gifting a white Pentas to a cancer patient helps them recover faster from treatment.

What is the Meaning of Red Petals?

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The universal color of love and romance is red. Red Pentas petals symbolize the unity between two lovers. It also stands for loyalty and kindness – the qualities which strengthen and deepen a relationship. Red is also the color of blood, which in ancient cultures symbolized sacrifice.

What is the Meaning of Purple Petals?

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Pentas flowers are more commonly found with purple petals. The color purple stands for honor, nobility, royalty and mystique. When you gift purple Pentas to someone, it denotes how much you respect and honor them.

What is the Meaning of Pink Petals?

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Pink is often associated with beauty, novelty and innocence. It may also stand for love and affection, but not particularly the romantic kind. Pink Pentas flowers serve as a compliment to someone’s attractiveness or kindness.

The Baby Blue Eyes Petals

Although Baby Blue Eyes are commonly seen in shades of white and blue, they can also come in shades of purple.

What is the meaning of Blue Petals?

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The color blue symbolizes sensitivity, emotions, intensity and mystery. Baby blue eyes often bear dual shades in their petals like – white-blue combination or purple-white combination. When combined with white, the color of peace and purity, Baby Blue Eyes become a symbol for understanding, compassion and humanity.

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We have already discussed the meaning behind purple and white petals.

Interesting Facts and Characteristics of the Five Petal Flower

About the Pentas Flower

Hope you now understand the 5 petal flower meaning. But there is a lot more to this flower. The scientific name of the Pentas flower is Pentas lanceolata. It hails from the family Rubiaceae. Other flowers from this family include coffee, Gardenia, Cinchona and Ixora.

The exquisite 5 petal flower is indigenous to southern and tropical Africa, Madagascar, the Comoros and the Arabian Peninsula. The Pentas plant has green hairy leaves while the flowers are decorated with petals of varying colors. The vibrancy of the petals ranges from white and red to purple and pink. Their beauty is particularly attractive to nectar feeding organisms like the humming bird and butterflies. Certain species of the Pentas, the 5 petal flower, are cultivated as ornamental flowers in baskets and pots.

Amusing Properties of Pentas

Here is an interesting fact – Pentas might look pretty and delicate, but do not underestimate them. Some species of Pentas flower can thrive in full sunlight without requiring any human assistance. They can even thrive and bloom in dry and hot locations. In fact, the 5 petal flower blooms all summer long, even during the hottest of days. This is how strong these star-shaped flowers are.

Usually, you can spot most varieties of these 5 petal flowers growing in moist and shady areas. They can be seen blossoming on the outskirts of forests. Some people also claim that Pentas flowers have medicinal properties. Their use ranges from treatment of Diarrhoea to curing malaria and easing snake bites.

About Baby Blue Eyes

Baby Blue Eyes belongs to the family Boraginaceae and its scientific name is Nemophila. Although native to the western region of the United States, you can also see these flowers blooming in Mexico and Canada.

These flowers are called “Baby Blue Eyes” due to their distinct sky blue color. Its scientific name “Nemophila” is derived from the Greek words “nemos” and “phileo”. “nemos” means “woodland pasture” and “phileo” means “to love”. So, Baby Blue Eyes are an embodiment of the love for nature (pastures).

Due to their exquisite color and shape, Baby Blue Eyes are used as ornamental flowers. They are often sold at nurseries and make a great addition to your garden’s aesthetics.

With this information on the 5 petal flowers, it is time to move on and discover the true 5 petal flower meaning.

Best Time to Gift Someone Five Petal Flowers

To understand the real 5 petal flower meaning, you need to know when to give it to someone.

When to Gift Pentas Flowers

Purple and blue Pentas Flowers offer solace and comfort to the receiver. They should be gifted on occasions of loss and misery. If you know someone who has recently lost a loved one or is going through a rough phase in life, gift them some Pentas flowers. That may not give them immediate joy, but it will give them the strength to cope with grief much better. If you are attending a funeral, carry a bouquet of blue or white Pentas flowers to leave on the tombstone.

When to Gift Baby Blue Eyes Flowers

The bell-shaped petals of the Baby Blue Eyes are very comforting. They make an excellent gift for celebrating success, like a promotion or a victory. If you are visiting someone who is much elder to you, you should bring them a bouquet of purple Baby Blue Eye flowers to express reverence. The blue petals make an excellent surprise for new mothers who have just had a baby.

By gifting Pentas and Baby Blue Eyes on the right occasion, you unlock the real 5 petal flower meaning. Flowers make a great present for any occasion. Do not hesitate to express your affections. Buy your loved ones the perfect flowers to brighten their day.