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Goldenrod flower (common name) is scientifically known as Solidago. The name Solidago comes from Latin where solid means heal and ago means ‘to make ’. Tall goldenrod is a member of the sunflower family,Asteraceae. It is a yellow-golden color flower with 100 different species. It holds a faint smell like licorice. They are composite flowers and some are lookalike like each other. It can grow as long as 6 feet. Here you will get to know about goldenrod flower meaning, symbolism, and colors.

Different cultures gave it different names like French call it ‘verge d or’. In German, it is known as ‘Goldrute’. Farmers have always given it an encroaching review adding more value to goldenrod flower meaning. Some also treat them like weed and waste species and remove them. Some species like sweet goldenrod have a very charming smell that attracts bees and butterflies.

It is normally found in North America and some parts of Asia and Europe. Most of its species are grown and used in the United States. Canada has its own variety of goldenrod flowers. They grow on the roadside and in wild nature without much care. Its invasive species are found in the eastern and southern parts of China and Japan.


Short goldenrod is a very rare species of goldenrod. It is only found at two locations Kentucky and Indiana. This species is about to extinct. People are trying to protect it. It produces flowers from mid-august to November. They can’t get self-pollinated which makes them harder to grow. Insects help in cross-pollination.

Species from Canada is known as Canadian goldenrod. Leaves are small around the apex of the plant. There are lots of leaves on this plant. It is very common and grows around a lot of areas. It is used for medicinal purposes like reducing inflammation in joints and helps in muscle spasms.

Firework Goldenrod is famous for its sensational display of yellow-golden color. It radiates in all directions and gives an illusion of fireworks. It attracts pollinators into the garden with its splendid color. Butterflies and other insects visit these blooms.

Solidago Golden Glory – they are large. They fill the bouquets with their texture and heavy stem. It needs less artificial light. North American habitant environment is perfect for its growth.

Solidago Romantic Glory – It is around 23 inches in height. They are pretty filler for bouquets. Make a living arrangement with Carzan Glory alongside flowers with white, green, and blue colors.

Growing Conditions

Goldenrod is a human-friendly flower. It is not dangerous for children and animals. They are non-allergic to us. Although some species are invasive and poisonous. Invasive species need to be planted far away from home in the wild forests. It can survive in harsh climate conditions. It grows very fast. Due to this nature, it is often considered as weed and cut out.

They don’t need much care while growing. Goldenrod can grow big even without much intrusion. It needs good sunlight and drained soil to grow and thrive. Soil condition requirements differ from species to species. Wild species can grow in forests also where the soil is not cultivated. The perfect season to grow them is late summer. No manure and fertilizers are required for these plants to bloom.

If you want to increase the plantation, you can let the seed shed. Seeds are dropped into the soil and lead to development. Germination causes plantation. If you don’t want to spread, cut the heads.

They have tough stems that handle high winds and grow tall. In good condition, it can grow up to 6 feet.

When do Goldenrod Flowers grow?

In late summer till fall goldenrod flower grows. They are tall and slim with fluffy yellow flowers. Their height varies by their species and location. Mostly in late summer blooming is at its peak. Sometimes it is confused with hay fever and allergies, that other flower ragweed cause during this period. Ragweed pollen is born in the air that causes allergies and fever. People confused it with goldenrod and it gets slander in public.

What does the goldenrod flower symbolize?

The Goldenrod flower is used to convey messages of encouragement and positivity. It is used to celebrate new ventures and good news. This bright color flower helps to alleviate mood and good thoughts. The flower is supposed to deliver good fortune and creativity to the receiver.

The Goldenrod belongs to the sunflower family so it symbolizes warm yellow color. Because of its golden color, it is related to wealth and prosperity. These flowers are used as a symbol of new beginnings. You can see this flower in decoration at weddings, graduation parties, new jobs, and birthdays.

Goldenrod flower means good luck, sincerity. It is known to relieve depression. Flowers from ancient times have been used for their meaningful structure and color. Goldenrod is such a flower that represents human emotions in a simple form. It is used for gifting. Like its color it brings joy to people’s life.

What do various colors of the goldenrod flower mean?

Yellow- it’s a golden yellow flower with hint of orange that looks like a sunny day. Goldenrod flower represent peacefulness, hope, warmth. Some rich yellow more like golden color of the flower means royalty, proud and grace. Yellow color resembles support and positivity. For the receiver, this flower means to support and happiness. It has many species showy goldenrod, anise-scented goldenrod.

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White- scientific name Solidago bicolor is another species of goldenrod flower that has white color. It is the only color available other than yellow. It has poisonous berries and leaves. White color symbolizes support and positivity.

Interesting facts and characteristics of the Goldenrod Flower

They are popular for producing edible leaves and honey. Pollen grains attract butterflies and cause cross-pollination. They produce Nectar and can be used as medicinal herbs. Goldenrod flowers are incredibly attractive to pollinating bees. Farmers grow Goldenrod to have maximum crop development. It is used in making compost and fertilizers. North America is researching using goldenrod in deodorants, candy, and gum.

It has an important mention in history; the tea made from goldenrod is named ‘liberty tea’. During the British taxation period, this was the only tea that was served. This flower is used in salad and soups too, because of its edible and nutritive properties. It was later transported to china. For a very long time, this flower was the first runner in the list of national flowers. Most of the species of goldenrod are not poisonous. So, they can be growing around pets and kids.

It is a state herb for Delaware. South Carolina in 2003 adopted tall goldenrod as its wildflower. Its blooming season is a reminder for kids that summer vacation is over. In Alabama goldenrod gave a tough completion to camellia for their state flower but unfortunately, camellia won.

Kentucky and Nebraska’s State Flower

Goldenrod is the state flower for Both Kentucky and Nebraska. In Kentucky, it was made official in the year 1923, when a lot of women organizations supported the motion. This is a native flower of Kentucky.

Nebraska adopted the Goldenrod flower as a state flower in 1895. This flower can grow in wild shrubs. It was chosen because of its adaptability capability. The flower symbolizes the warm and humble people of the state.

 Symbol of Treasure

Due to its rich color, it is often associated with royalty and wealth. Some species are native to China. Chinese believes that goldenrod grows around treasure. It is like a money tree that people grow around their house. They believe it will bring wealth and happiness. They use it to gift others for their new homes because of this significance.

Medicinal Use

It is used to cure sinus and allergies. It is used in tea as a medicine. Traditionally people use it to cure and prevent heart conditions and stomach issues. Goldenrod has edible leaves, flowers, and also roots. It is known as ‘sun medicine’ due to its bright yellow color. It is used for cleansing of kidney and bladder. During the treatment of kidney, stones goldenrod is highly effective.

Americans and Chinese use it for curing arthritis, nephritis, and emphysema. Their tea infusion is used to relieve pain in infants for colic and intestinal disorders in adults. They rolled the leaves to prepare a lotion to apply on wounds. Chinese also believe that it can be used to cure malaria and measles.

It is recorded that they help in the treatment of warts and cancer. Sometimes it is used for its pleasant fragrance. It is to hide the foul smell of some medicines.


Due to its bright yellow and golden color, it is used to produce a yellow dye. It is fermented and extracted to make dye. It is widely used in Asia and America due to its pigmentation quality. People chew its leave to relieve sore throat and toothache.


The raw material for the first rubber tires used on the Ford Model-T was Goldenrods. It is capable of producing 12% rubber by weight. Thomas Edison was the one who tested thousands of species to find out perfect use of goldenrod flower.

Using in bouquets and flower arrangements

It is used in decoration and flower arrangements. Goldenrod grows wildly in many parts of the world. People cut these flowers for their decoration purposes. It has this quality of staying fresh for a long time after cutting. So, it is used in bouquets. Unlike other flowers goldenrod’s color remains bright and shiny. It is used in dry form too for the purpose of fresh flowers are not available. After cutting, you have to keep it hydrated. Dehydration can ruin it. Bouquets should be kept away from direct sunlight and in cold places. It is so beautiful that people use its design to make tattoos on their bodies. In youngsters, it is highly trending.

Best time to gift someone Goldenrod flowers

Goldenrod flower meaning relates to a variety of emotions. With its all vast variety of symbols, it becomes a perfect gift for various occasions. During their blooming season, they are used in decorations, bouquets, and flower arrangements. When used in dry form, they can be gifted in any season or month.

Being the symbol of good luck or good fortune makes it a perfect gift. You can gift it to someone who is starting a new business. It can be given to the people who are going to appear for some test for an exam. You can Gift goldenrod flowers on Weddings and engagements to house inaugurations and childbirth. This flower makes a perfect gift for every occasion.

It also encourages bringing our creative side. So, it’s a good gift for painters and artists. If you know some creative people send these to motivate them.

They are used to fill up color pallets in the bouquets. Its bright and unique color fulfills the need for the golden and yellow colors in the bouquet. It brings a new shine like sunshine to the bouquet. Goldenrod brightens up any floral design. You can sunflower and yellow roses to mix with them.

This is well suited for people who are going through the loss of a loved one. The people who are having a tough time lately can be gifted with the flower. The flower will make them cheerful and encourage them to move on. It represents support and positivity.


Goldenrod flowers are pretty, versatile, shiny, and tall. Goldenrod flower meaning is beautiful and thoughtful. It is perfect for every occasion. It shows you love sympathy, courage, hope, treasure, and happiness. All the incredible species have a beautiful golden color.  It is a perfect flower for a flower garden. People observe that it alleviate mood and resolve depression. The important use of it is to cure illness. Like its symbol, its uses are versatile too. It is used for decoration, as a tea infuser, medicinal purpose, and dye. Even in dry form it is well used all year around.