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Belonging to the family of Theaceae includes almost 300 species and tens of thousands of varieties. It is a flowering shrub coined by renowned taxonomist Carl Linneaus. He based its etymological origin on botanist Georg Joseph Kamel, who toured the province of Luzon, where the camellia is endemic and was the first to record it. 

Camellias are endemic to the Philippines, where they were first found and mentioned by European botanists. You can find this in Indonesia, Japan, and China. People have grown and tamed white camellia in Asia for centuries. 

Several Camellia kinds blossom in the wintertime, while others blossom in the springtime and remain evergreen the rest of every year.

Camellias visually resemble the peony or the rose and are usually found in red, white, pink, and the rarer yellow.

What does the Camellia flower symbolize?

The most striking camellia flower meaning is that it is the unmatched Asian counterpart to the Western rose. It is remembered for its elegance, beauty, fame, and eternal symbol of love. 

Because of its nature to blossom even in uninhabitable conditions, camellias represent the perseverance and resilience of the spirit. The symmetry of the petals evokes a sense of seamlessness and a desire for excellence.

In China, it is highly regarded as an emblem of undying love. This is due to camellia’s intriguing nature of shedding the flower and base known as the calyx simultaneously. This metaphorically takes after two lovers refusing to part even in death and is the opposite of how flowers usually tend to wither. 

In Korean culture, the camellia flower has its roots as an auspicious flower used in wedding ceremonies. 

In Japanese tradition, camellias were known for their fierceness and bravery. They were admired by samurais who wished to conquer battles like how the flower swiftly died all at once. Camellias were hence used to pay respect to fallen warriors in Japan.

In Victorian England, they were often gifted to the object of one’s desire. They were a symbol of resistance in the women’s voting rights movement in New Zealand and a harbinger of change in the movement to abolish slavery in Brazil

All in all, the camellia flower symbolic meanings are:

  • love
  • adoration
  • longing
  • devotion
  • care

Meaning of the Camellia flower colors

Red color

Red camellias are usually given to your romantic partner or significant other, representing somebody’s interest and willingness. These flowers are perfect for Valentine’s Day or to signal that you are genuinely in love with somebody.

In flower language, it is one of the greatest symbols of love, passion, and desire. They signify that you cherish the recipient and devote yourself faithfully and wholeheartedly to them in love.

Pink color

Pink camellias symbolize yearning and the burgeoning stages of love. This color is typically associated with women and reflects feminine energy. They are an apt flower for someone you crush or even your long-distance lover. 

They denote the euphoric rush of first love and represent the secret feelings of love, affection, and delight. This blossom is also a lovely way to tell your beloved that you miss them and can not wait to meet them in person.

White color

White camellias are popularly associated with innocence, purity, admiration, and devotion. They are the right choice to celebrate the platonic relationships in your life and the people you look up to. These flowers are often used at weddings. 

It can also symbolize a mother’s love for her kid, and as a reason, it’s frequently used in funeral decorations. They have a lesser-known negative connotation as they are used as funeral blossoms in Japan.

Yellow color 

The yellow camellia may be the minority among the colors, but its bright hue makes it a fascinating flower for gifting. 

Due to their rare presence in very few parts of the world, they make the perfect flower for gifting to someone unique in personality or special to you, such as a best friend.

Interesting facts about the Camellia flowers

  • Camellia sinensis has been blessed with great levels of caffeine. Its petals and leaves are processed to make green and black tea. It has many progressive effects on mental and physical health.
  • The most memorable symbolism of the camellia flower’s meaning is found in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, where it represents the characters’ feelings of retribution and compassion.
  • The camellia flower also found relevance in haute couture when Coco Chanel took a liking to a bouquet of camellias she was gifted. Camellias were soon integrated into many of the high fashion house’s products.
  • The camellia still appears in 21st-century pop culture. RM, the leader of the Korean supergroup BTS has penned a song called Winter Flower with the Korean singer Younha. In the lyrics, the camellia flower is praised for its dauntless spirit in overcoming winter’s adversities.
  • Camellias are a great shrub to keep animals such as deer and cows at bay as their scent deters them.
  • In many cultures around the world, camellias are an integral part of decoration for festivities and holidays.
  • Camellia leaves and petals are also used for medicinal and cooking purposes. In Chinese traditional medicine, it is used as part of herbal concoctions. Edible oil is also extracted from its seeds.
  • In China, people think the camellia bloom symbolizes the uniting of two lovers. The beautiful petals symbolize the female, while the protecting male is represented by the greenish, leafy section of the stalk that binds the petals together, referred to as the calyx. Also, after burial, both parts are connected.
  • Alabama’s official state flower is the gorgeous Camellia blossom. Since it can thrive in many of the state’s temperature ranges, it’s frequently used as a beautification element for its everlasting foliage and spectacular flowers.

How to grow Camellia flowers

Camellia flowers make a valuable addition to any garden as an evergreen shrub with a good source of nectar that entices pollinators. It is a cheerful flower that can bring life to your garden and is an evergreen companion till the flowering winter. Its delicate petals are a burst of freshness as they bloom when most of the flowers have died.

  1. Plant the shrub in an area where it will face nutritional competition.
  2. Install the camellia plant slightly above the surrounding soil to Allow excess water to drain away from the plant’s center.
  3. Irrigate on a regular and generous basis until the root system is formed.
  4. Deeply water young shrubs to induce root growth downward.
  5. Apply a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer.

How to care for Camellia flowers

  1. Deep watering should be done twice a week rather than daily shallow watering.
  2. Mulch around the camellia to keep the soil moist and cool on hot summer days.
  3. Apply a suitable fertilizer every spring.
  4. Stop overfertilizing with an acidic fertilizer.
  5. Inspect for infestations.
  6. Prune immediately after blossoming.
  7. Remove any dead or dying growth.
  8. Shape the bushes to your preference.

Best time to gift Camellia flowers

The various shades of camellia flower make it a beautiful all-rounder choice for multiple occasions. It can be planted in your garden to light up the landscape in dynamic colors. 

Red camellias are one of the supreme flowers for gifting your lover on Valentine’s Day. Pink camellias can be sent to your loved ones on days you miss them and long for their presence. White camellias can be given to those you respect, such as an elderly family member or a teacher. Yellow camellias make a colorful choice for anniversaries, birthdays, and festivals. 

Be it to convey your unyielding love to someone or cheer up a friend; camellias are a great choice. These winter blossoms are guaranteed to remind the recipients that even the darkest days will end, and spring will follow.


As with many flower variations, the intrinsic meaning and symbolism in flowers’ language can sometimes shift based on the colors presented. While camellia blooms have long been associated with love and devotion, slight distinctions are based on their color qualities.

The camellia flower is not only a lovely addition to a bouquet, but it is also a lovely addition to the landscape.

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