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The absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing apple blossom flowers bloom only during the spring all over the world. It is often confused with cherry blossoms which also bloom at the same time every year.

Scientifically named Malus Domestica, the apple blossom flower blooms from mid-late April to early May. Also known as the spring blossom, apple blossom flowers are mostly used during spring arrangements.

The apple plant originated in Central Asia and was later brought to America by European settlers. 

Since that time, apple trees have greatly impacted the American diet. The apple blossom flower is also considered a great gifting option.

There are different varieties of apple blossom flowers, but if you want to pollinate the trees, you must place at least two varieties of these plants in proximity to one another. There are mostly two types of flowers—pale pink and the other is white. 

The gorgeous five-petal flower very frequently grows in clusters. Once you visit an apple blossom farm, you will be able to understand how mesmerizing it looks. The subtle pink tone of the flower also acts as a cherry on top. Decoration with these flowers will accentuate the beauty of any setting.

What does the Apple blossom flower symbolize?

The apple blossom flower’s meaning and symbolism convey a lot of emotion. 

Spring symbolizes new beginnings; similarly, this flower blooms only during spring. It also represents good fortune, preference, and hope.

Apple blossom flower also has a unique fact behind it. It is also a great symbol of long life. During the winters, temperatures fall, and these apple plants become lifeless. You cannot find a single leaf on these plants. It looks as if they are dead. But these plants come to life when spring arrives and bear beautiful cherry-pink flowers.

Apple blossom flower meaning also shows how life goes on and on. It shows that difficulties and death are a part of life, but no matter what, life continues. It also shows that no matter how tough things get, they will again fall into places in some time.

In China, the apple blossom flower symbolizes a prosperous household. It represents positivity and beauty.

In almost all of Central Asia, apple blossom flowers signify sensuality and fertility. As apples eventually grow from these flowers, it is linked to fertility and growth.

In the early Victorian times, apple blossom flowers also indicated a definite preference.

All in all, the apple blossom flowers symbolic meanings are:

  • good fortune
  • long life
  • heady love
  • peace
  • sensuality
  • fertility
  • good luck
  • optimism
  • preference

Meaning of the Apple blossom flower colors

Pink color

Almost all apple blossom flowers are pink when they bloom initially, but with time, their color fades and turns white. 

The pink color of this flower represents gentleness, happiness, and femininity. This flower color also signifies the emotions of passion and sentiment. 
It is the color of love and affection, which has often been used to accentuate a romantic setting and can be gifted to people you love.

White color

With time, when the pink apple blossom flower fades into white flowers, its meaning also changes. 

The white apple blossom signifies purity, innocence, and sympathy. It also symbolizes faith and spirituality. 

A white apple blossom flower could be a great gifting and decorative option for a spiritual setting. It can also be gifted to an older adult to show respect and admiration.

Interesting facts about the Apple blossom flower

  • It is the state flower of two states—Michigan and Arkansas. The Michigan legislature chose it as their state flower in 1897 and Arkansas in 1901 due to the importance of the apple as their cash crop.
  • It is from the apple blossom flowers that apples grow, but did you know these flowers can also be eaten? These sweet-tasting flowers are high in antioxidants. Consumed as a tea improves skin complexion, stress relief, and better digestion.
  • It is not famous for its medicinal purposes but can also make great whiskey and jelly.
  • The apple blossoms are mostly pink and white, but the amount of pink color depends on its variety.
  • This flower belongs to the rose family.

How to grow Apple blossom flowers

The apple blossom tree, which reaches a maximum height of 80 feet in some places, may be a breathtaking sight as it bursts into a shower of brilliant pink blossoms with arching, feathery branches. During the summer, this gigantic tree provides superb shade, while light can pass through its branches in the winter because of its deciduous leaves.

  1. Grow seeds from dried seed pods taken directly from the apple blossom tree.
  2. The apple blossom tree will thrive in conditions with a moderate amount of water and nutrients. Use a fertilizer that is light and well-balanced.
  3. Apple blossom trees need a modest quantity of watering to maintain a mild moisture level in the soil without drowning it.

How to take care of Apple blossom flowers

  1. Prune apple blossom trees to flourish properly. The optimal time to prune is after the flowering season has ended.
  2. Remove any branches that are unhealthy or dead. 
  3. Remove any branches that have broken off because of wind damage.

Best time to gift Apple blossom flowers

These flowers are absolutely beautiful but can only be gifted during a certain time of the year. These flowers bloom only during the spring, and it is the best time to be gifted to someone. You can give it to anyone you love, adore, and respect. This flower will represent your love and positivity to them.

As this flower symbolizes new beginnings, it can be gifted to someone about to start a new chapter in their life. It can also be gifted to someone moving to a new house, getting married, getting a new job, or even having a baby.

Pink apple blossom flowers also signify love and sensuality so that these flowers can be gifted to your romantic partner. Its sweet fragrance will all light up their mood. 

Gift your loved ones this flower without thinking twice, as it will make them feel extremely special.


Inspiring meanings associated with apple blossom flowers include good luck, optimism, and preference. The magic of this flower is its power to change one’s mood and lift their spirits.

A simple method to say “I like you” was to present someone with apple blossom flowers, whose trailing boughs could be combined with other flowers and herbs to convey a deeper meaning and symbolism.

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