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Hailing from the family of Malvaceae, these are the flowering plants of the Hibiscus or Malva genera commonly found in a wide range of natural colors from purple to white.

The name mallow has an Old English ancestry, and its first use can be dated before the 12th century. It originated from the Old English word “mealwe.” This can be traced back to the Latin word “Malva” and the Ancient Greek word “malakhe” which is believed to be an ancient Mediterranean term for soft. 

The elegant and feminine appearance of the flower can be why the mallow flower is synonymous with soft and mellow. There are a wide variety of species under this beautiful flowering family that is now spread across the globe but have an origin in Asia, Africa, and Native American. They are perennial and commonly found in temperate, subtropical, or tropical regions. 

What does the Mallow flower symbolize?

Even though mallow flowers are extremely common in nature, many of us might not recognize the flower by the name “mallow” due to the many types of mallow flowers available. Other names for these flowers are common mallow, hibiscus, or even hollyhock

No matter what species these beautiful flowers belong to, one thing that binds them all together is that these flowers symbolize health, love, and protection. Due to their natural color in the romantic hues, it is no wonder they represent delicate yet strong beauty. 

The mallow flowers were especially popular during the Victorian era when the flowers were gifted when one wanted to acknowledge the receiver’s delicate beauty. 

Their innate herbal properties make them very useful in medicine, and they are often considered the guardian of the house by some cultures. In China, these flowers represent personal glory. 

All in all, the mallow flower symbolic meanings are:

  • support
  • devotion
  • new opportunities
  • serenity
  • wealth
  • silence
  • intelligence
  • new opportunities

Meaning of the Mallow flower colors

White color

White represents purity, reverence, innocence, and utter admiration. Mallow flowers normally represent beauty, delicateness, and love. As a combination of them both, the white mallow is a representation of female energy, beauty, and purity. It is a perfect way to show boundless affection or pure admiration to someone you know.

Pink color

Pink mallow flowers are absolute favorites of florists as they make a great gift when you want to show your love to someone. Pink is a gentle color, representing an array of long-lasting love. It need not be the love you feel for your partner but also the love that shows “I will be there for you.” It is a perfect way to show your emotions to your friends or family.

Purple color

The color purple indicates royalty or wealth due to the rarity of the color in the olden days. Similarly, a purple color denotes great privilege or shows royalty. It can also represent knowledge or greatness in some cultures. With purple mallow flowers, you are representing greatness and extreme admiration towards someone. It is a way of showing how special or unique someone is.

Yellow color

Yellow is the color of the sunshine, and everything is beautiful. A bright and energetic color, yellow has the power to light up a room and make everyone notice. It is the one color you can, without a doubt, send to anyone, representing friendship and optimism. Yellow mallow flowers send a message that you wish happiness and joy in the receiver’s life.

Red color

Red has always been related to love, passion, and intense attraction. Even though red is often associated with romantic love, it represents admiration and respect. Red mallow flowers represent love, passion, and respect. It is a way of showing someone how much you care about and respect them. 

Interesting facts about the Mallow flowers

  • Apart from cotton, all other plants in the Mallow family are non-poisonous. They can withstand normal conditions without much trouble and do not attract pests normally.
  • Mallow plants and flowers were used as part of the food habits in Ancient Mediterranean culture. Even today, the leaves and flowers are edible and used for pickles and salads in different parts of the globe. 
  • Marshmallows, a variety of the mallow flower family, are a common food item across the world.
  • One of the most important characteristics of mallow flowers is their medicinal property. 
  • From used to soothe common aches and pains, they are also used in shampoos and conditioners to smoothen the hair and make them silkier. 

How to grow Mallow flowers

Unlike many flowers that require proper pruning and seeding, most mallow flowers are self-seeding. As they are of the wildflower family, they can survive on their own with minimal care and flowers continuously throughout the years.

  1. Plant the mallows in organically rich, moist, and well-drained soil.
  2. Place them in a spot with full sun.
  3. Water regularly, extended during droughts.
  4. Apply a general-purpose fertilizer monthly. 

How to care for Mallow flowers

  1. Water the mallows deeply once every 10 to 14 days after they settle in.
  2. Add mulch around the plants for appearance and to keep weeds down.
  3. Deadhead spent flowers to promote new blooms.
  4. Prune the plant to retain its size and increase its vitality. 
  5. Cut it back short in early spring.

Best time to gift Mallow flowers

The fact is mallow flowers can be gifted on any occasion. The meaning of mallow flowers representing beauty, love, and protection can be translated to any occasion.

You can include a red mallow flower bouquet as a fresh gift when celebrating Valentine’s Day. You can give your mom a bunch of roses with mallow flowers to show how much you value her on Mother’s Day. You can even send these flowers to your boss to show him how much you respect whatever he has done for the office.

In short, once you know the language of mallow flowers, you can curate your flower bouquets. Flowers will always have a special place in our minds. Flowers like mallow, which have so much history and characteristics, remind us why they are so special.


Every flower is special in its way, but there is something about mallow flowers that has attracted many throughout the decade. Even though many new flowers have come in, the variety and beauty of this wildflower are still appreciated by many, from the wide range of colors and characteristics to their medicinal properties.

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