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Nasturtiums are a genus of 80 blooming perennials related to Tropaeolum. Popular garden plants include Tropaeolum majus, Tropaeolum peregrinum, and Tropaeolum speciosum.

All species of the genus are distinguished by their vividly colored blooms and shield-shaped leaves. The genus is the sole member of the wider Tropaeolaceae family.

The nasturtium is a flowering plant often grown as an ornamental plant that attracts pollinators and sometimes in kitchen gardens. That is why this plant is extremely popular among gardeners. 

What does the Nasturtium flower symbolize?

Nasturtium flower meaning usually includes conquest. This is a flower that represents patriotism as well. Some speculate that this could be because the flower’s shape resembles a combat helmet. This flower is associated with athleticism as well.

People experience lots of victories in their lives, some small and small large. The nasturtium flower could be perfect for any victory. From doing well academically to advancing professionally, you can congratulate the people in your life for their successes. Just give them a bouquet of nasturtium and tell them what this flower means. The nasturtium flower, in addition to victory, is associated with prosperity.

Should you want to congratulate someone for doing well in life, then nasturtium flowers could be the perfect gift for them. The name of the flower nasturtium comes from Latin. It’s a translation of the words ‘nasturtium tortus’, which essentially means a nose that is convulsed. 

Besides victory and conquest, the nasturtium flower also includes minor successes. Say you have a friend who recently achieved a major life goal. Then nasturtium flowers would make the perfect gift for them.

Nasturtium flowers are also associated with benevolence, as well as blessings. This is because the nasturtium flower is versatile and has various uses. If you want to invite blessings and positivity into someone’s life, consider gifting them nasturtium flowers. This is because the nasturtium flowers will be able to surround them with positivity and repel any negative energy that approaches them.

Nasturtium flowers are also associated with fertility and creativity. So if a friend is about to have a baby or someone you know just embarked on a major creative project, send them nasturtium flowers to show them you care.

All in all, the nasturtium flower symbolic meanings are:

  • patriotism
  • conquest
  • victory
  • power
  • success

Meaning of the Nasturtium flower colors

Red color

The vibrant color of the red nasturtium is associated with passion, love, and strong desire. The red-colored nasturtium flower meaning also includes energy as well as celebration.

Orange color

The orange nasturtium flower is associated with enthusiasm as well as growth. People who are celebrating achievements and people who have found creative success will all love to receive this flower.

White color

The white nasturtium flower is associated with purity as well as innocence. This flower is linked with fertility as well. The white nasturtium flower meaning also includes hope and looking forward to the future.

Pink color

The pink nasturtium flower represents innocent love, crushes, friendship, and finding victory together. If you’ve worked together with someone and found victory, this flower could be the perfect gift for them.

Yellow color

The yellow nasturtium signifies joy as well as youth. It’s also associated with new beginnings in life and friendships. Those who want to celebrate youth and all the successes of youth should opt for this flower.

Interesting facts about the Nasturtium flowers

  • Other names for this plant include Indian Cress, Mexican Cress, and Peru Cress.
  • These blooms are one of the most well-known edibles and have a spicy flavor. The seeds and leaves are both edible; the seeds can be used instead of capers.
  • This flower is high in vitamin C and iron.
  • During WWII, the seeds were utilized as a substitute for pepper.
  • In Latin, nasturtium means “nose twister,” referencing people’s reactions after tasting the blooms.
  • The nasturtium is the flower for the 40th wedding anniversary.

How to grow Nasturtium flowers

These annual flowers are easy to maintain, but a few pointers will keep them healthy and fruitful.

  1. Plant the nasturtiums in infertile soil with good drainage.
  2. Place them in an area of full sun that receives six to eight hours of direct sunlight daily.
  3. Water weekly.
  4. Do not be fertilized. Overfeeding will lead to producing a lot of leaves but few blossoms.

How to care for Nasturtium flowers

  1. Mulch the soil to keep weeds at bay and reduce the irrigation required.
  2. Water every week, roughly one inch. Nasturtiums become wilted and stop blooming quickly if they become very dry.
  3. Cut them off faded flowers to keep flowering.

Best time to gift Nasturtium flowers

Nasturtium flowers are ideally gifted when you want to celebrate someone’s success or victory, as these flowers are primarily associated with victory. This flower is associated with joy, compassion, love, and abundance. As a flower representing fertility, you can use this flower to congratulate someone who is about to have a baby.

Should you want to inspire someone to take action, then nasturtium flowers could be the perfect gift for them. The symbolism associated with nasturtiums tends to change depending on the color of the nasturtium you chose. 

White nasturtiums represent purity, while red nasturtiums represent passionate love. In this way, you’ll need to consider the color of the nasturtium when gifting this flower to the people you care for. 


There are various things that nasturtium flowers are associated with. Nasturtium flowers are associated with many meanings, from positivity to hope to joy and cheerfulness. However, generally, nasturtium flowers are associated with positivity and success. If you go up to different people and ask them what the nasturtium flower means to them, you’re likely to get different answers.

This is because the nasturtium flower is highly versatile and has various meanings. Nasturtium flowers’ cheerful and warm colors also improve people’s moods. Nasturtiums are known for spreading over a bed and can also be from a planter. The nasturtium flower is also associated with loyalty, strength, and purity. These flowers are also associated with passion as well as joy.

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