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Pansy Flower Meaning –

The word “pansy” originates from the French word “pensee”, meaning “to think” or “ponder”. Pansies are one of the most popular garden flowers, known for their versatile and colorful varieties. The charming and delicate pansy flower with a “face” belongs to the “Viola” group of flowers. Its origins can be traced back to the early 1800’s in Iver, Buckinghamshire, England.

 The scientific name for pansy is Viola tricolor var. hortensis. This flower grows in cooler climates. This is why the best season to plant pansies is around the months of spring and fall. Pansies are easy to grow, making them extremely popular with flower growers all around the world.

Historical Significance of the Pansy Flower –

Historically, the pansy flower has been known by dozens of popular names. Some of the old names for the pansy flower include “Johnny jump up”, “monkey faces”, “peeping Tom”, “love in idleness”, “three faces in a hood” and many more!

A 17th century English writer by the name of Nicholas Culpeper even claimed that the syrup made from pansies could heal diseases of the heart. In ancient Greece, Viola was even used in love potions. Many ancient Greeks associated Viola with love and fertility, the reason why they used it in their love potions. Much like the Greeks, the Celts too used the dried leaves of violets to make love potions.

What do Pansy flowers symbolize?

Pansy is a flower with deep symbolic meaning. The most common symbol that is attached with pansy flowers is that of love. Pansy flowers not just symbolize love for your partner or beloved, but a platonic love for anyone who is close to your heart. This is why pansies make a perfect gift for parents, friends, siblings or anyone else who holds a special place in your life.

Pansy flowers also symbolize free thinking and thoughtfulness. When presented to someone who is in distress, pansies reflect your compassion and empathy.

What do the various colors of the Pansy flower mean?

Pansy flowers exist in a variety of colors, with each color denoting a different meaning. Let’s take a look at what these different colors of pansies symbolize and mean:

Yellow Pansies Flower Meaning

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Yellow pansies symbolize positivity and happiness. The bright and sunny hues of yellow pansies can help enliven a dull setting. If you intend to cheer someone up, then yellow pansies would make a perfect choice. As the color yellow exudes a vivacious energy, gifting yellow pansies is one of the best ways to uplift the mood of a person who is going through a difficult phase in life.

Red Pansies Flower Meaning

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As a universal symbol of love, the color red is often associated with passion and romance. So, it is not a surprising fact that red pansies are a symbol of romantic love. You can also give red pansies to express your affection towards a person who means a lot to you.

Purple Pansies Flower Meaning

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The color purple is associated with royalty and dignity. This is exactly why purple pansies are also associated with beauty and royalty. Purple pansies have a regal aura about them, making them one of the most popular color varieties in the pansy world.

Orange Pansies Flower Meaning

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An orange pansy flower symbolizes hope and optimism. You can give orange pansies to express your pleasure or congratulate a person on a special occasion. Orange pansies are rare in comparison to other color varieties of the flower that are easily found in different parts of the world.

Blue Pansies Flower Meaning

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The meaning of blue pansies is often associated with honesty and devotion. Blue pansies make a great choice to be presented in corporate settings. You can also gift blue pansies to an acquaintance and colleague.

White Pansies Flower Meaning

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White pansy flowers are a symbol of purity and virtue. White pansies also have a spiritual connotation, just like any flower that is white in color. The beauty of white pansies lies in the fact is that they can be given on any occasion. If you are unable to pick a specific flower color to gift someone, it is safest to go with classic white pansies. 

Interesting facts about the Pansy flower!

There is more to your favorite pansy flowers than just different colors and symbolism! Check out these interesting facts and characteristics of the pansy flower that you might have missed out to know till now –

Fact #1: Your Pretty Pansy Flower is Edible!

Did you know that you can eat that cute little pansy flower blooming in the garden? If you still don’t believe this fact then check out the refrigerated section next time you visit a grocery store near you. Pansies are most commonly used to decorate cakes as well as garnish cocktails. The pansy flower and its leaves are rich in vitamin A and C.

As far as the taste of pansies is concerned, it is similar to that of lettuce combined with a floral twist. Other than being used for decorating cakes and cocktails, pansy flowers are also used in syrups, natural dyes and flavored honey.

Fact #2: Pansies have 3 Unique Patterns

Flowers belonging to the pansy family come in 3 unique patterns. What makes these patterns different from each other is their scheme of colors and design. The first type of pansies comes in single colors such as blue and yellow. These single color pansies will not have any pattern on them. The second type of pansies has black lines searing from the inside. The third and the most popular type of pansies have a face like design on them. These categories of pansies usually come in three colors.

Fact #3: Pansy is the Birth Flower of People Born in the Month of February

Pansy is a perfect gift for anyone who is born in the month of February, as it the birth flower of people born in this month. As far as the color is concerned, purple pansies are quite popular as the birth flower of February month. The reason why purple pansies are associated as February’s birth flower also coincides with the fact that these actually bloom around this time of year.

Fact #4: Some Pansies do not have a Fragrance

You might be surprised to know that not all pansies have a fragrance. The yellow and blue varieties of pansy flowers are known for their pleasant scent, but it is not the case with many other pansy flowers. Another trivia about pansy flowers that do have a fragrance is that their scent is stronger during dusk and the wee hours of the morning.

Characteristics of the Pansy Flower –

  • Pansies have a tendency to reseed themselves. This is why you’ll never when a new plant has taken the place of a new bloom.
  • When you plant pansies in autumn, they’ll keep growing and blooming from winter to spring.
  • Pansies can be grown both in containers as well as flower beds as long as the soil is properly drained. So it gives you with a lot of choices.
  • Pansies are quite prone to rhizectonia – a fungal disease that booms in wet soil.
  • Pansies are usually grown as annuals and biennials owing to their leggy growth.
  • A pansy flower is made up of five petals.
  • The ideal soil to grow pansies should be moist, but not too soggy.

How to Care for the Pansy Plant?

One of the first things to keep in mind while growing pansies is the fact that pansies love well drained soil. Make sure that the soil is moist enough but not soggy, as it will be detrimental to the plant’s growth. It is a well known fact that pansies thrive in cooler climates. But, despite this fact, you must know that pansies also need full as well as partial exposure to sun to bloom properly. If you have planted pansies in a warm climate, you must make a pint to mulch the soil from time to time. Mulching the soil is extremely important, as it helps retain the soil’s moisture, enabling a healthy bloom.

You can also use fertilizers once every 2 or 3 weeks. When it comes to pansies, the ideal fertilizers are water soluble liquid fertilizers. You must be aware of the fact that using fertilizers that are high in nitrogen can result in fewer blooms. Nitrogen fertilizers are only suitable to use if you intend to grow taller plants with denser leaves.

Deadheading is another thing that you must do regularly to ensure beautiful and denser blooms. It is only when you will remove the dead blooms that you’ll make place for the new ones to grow.

What makes pansies so popular all around the world is the fact that they happily grow in fall, winter and spring seasons. Whether you choose to grow them in the front yard or place them in kitchen garden, they’ll end up adding a vibrant splash of colors to your landscape.

Best time to gift someone Pansy flowers –

There is not just one, but multiple occasions on which you can gift pansies to someone. The charming quality of pansies makes them one of the most popular choices for gifting. You can give pansies to cheer someone who is going through a rough phase in life. You can also give pansies to make someone feel peaceful and optimistic. Any person receiving pansies will feel a sense of joy and positivity. No matter which color you choose, pansies offer a great way to express your affection and concern towards the receiver.

Flowers do not speak, but they do have a language of their own. Whenever you fall short of words to express your feelings, there is nothing better than flowers that can do the job for you. There is no doubt about the fact that flowers help you convey the simplest as well as the most complex of emotions. Pansies are no different!

You can give pansies as a get well gesture, or even use them to ask for forgiveness. The best quality of pansies lies in their ability to instantly uplift the spirits of the receiver. Moreover, pansies are available in such a beautiful array of colors that gives them such a vibrant quality.

While giving pansies, it is not necessary that you stick only to a one color themed bouquet. You can always mix and match to create vibrant bunch of pansies that will immediately catch the attention of the receiver. If you are going for a formal event, you can also choose to stick with the classic white or blue pansies. White and blue pansies make a perfect gift for corporate and formal settings such as a conference, ceremony or a farewell.

When it comes to birthdays and weddings, you can always go with red, yellow or purple pansies. No matter what color you choose, your delicate and charming pansies will never fail to impress the person who is at the receiving end. Always keep in mind that while giving pansies to your loved ones or acquaintances flowers should be in a fresh state. There is nothing as off as presenting someone with stale and dried out flowers. So always make a point to pick flowers that are fresh and nicely bundled every time you decide to use them as gifts.

If you speak in the language of flowers, there is no way your message will fail to reach your loved ones. So, whatever the occasion, you can always choose to give your favorite pansies and bring a smile on the face of your loved ones. Nature has the most beautiful presents for us, and pansies are definitely one of them. What’s more exciting, if your favorite pansies can also be used to decorate cakes and garnish cocktails. So, next time you think of gifting flowers, keep pansies on the top of your list!