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Pansies are a group of hybrid flowers rooted in the Viola genus, part of the Violaceae family. Most pansy varieties are descended from Viola tricolor var. hortensis, sometimes known as heartsease or wild pansy. Viola x wittrockiana is the scientific name for modern pansies.

The word “pansy” originates from the French word “pensee,” meaning “to think” or “ponder.” Pansies are one of the most popular garden flowers, known for their versatile and colorful varieties. 

The charming and delicate pansy flower with a “face” belongs to the “Viola” group of flowers. Its origins can be traced back to the early 1800s in Iver, Buckinghamshire, England.

This flower grows in cooler climates. This is why the best season to plant pansies is around the months of spring and fall. Pansies are easy to grow, making them extremely popular with flower growers all around the world.

Historically, the pansy flower has been known by dozens of popular names. Some of the old names for the pansy flower include “Johnny jump up,” “monkey faces,” “peeping Tom,” “love in idleness,” “three faces in a hood,” and many more!

What does the Pansy flower symbolize?

A 17th-century English writer named Nicholas Culpeper even claimed that the syrup made from pansies could heal heart diseases. In ancient Greece, Viola was even used in love potions. Many ancient Greeks associated Viola with love and fertility, which is why they used it in their love potions. Like the Greeks, the Celts also used the dried leaves of violets to make love potions.

Pansy is a flower with deep symbolic meaning. The most common symbol that is attached to pansy flowers is that of love. Pansy flowers symbolize love for your partner or beloved and platonic love for anyone close to your heart. This is why pansies make a perfect gift for parents, friends, siblings, or anyone with a special place in your life.

Pansy flowers also symbolize free thinking and thoughtfulness. When presented to someone in distress, pansies reflect your compassion and empathy.

During the Victorian era, courtship was not as open an affair as it is now. Many lovers had to meet or even communicate in secret. Pansies, a bouquet of pansies, were often presented to potential partners. They were often wrapped in doilies amongst other herbs and gifted to romantic interests. People in love often give each other pansies to tell them “I’ll remember you” or “I’ll miss you.” It was used as the flower of remembrance and romance.

All in all, the pansy flower symbolic meanings are:

  • love (both romantic and platonic)
  • admiration
  • remembrance
  • free thinking
  • openness
  • friendship
  • compassion

Meaning of the Pansy flower colors

Yellow color

Yellow is a warming color; yellow pansies symbolize positive cheer and happiness. The vibrant yellow colored pansy flower is given to someone feeling sad or lonely. The bright and sunny hues of yellow pansies can help revitalize a dull setting.

If you intend to cheer someone up, yellow pansies would be a perfect choice. As yellow exudes vivacious energy, gifting yellow pansies is one of the best ways to uplift the mood of a person going through a difficult phase in life.

Red color

The red pansy is the easiest secret to guess. As a universal symbol of love, red is often associated with passion and romance. So, it is not a surprising fact that red pansies are a symbol of romantic love. And as red is always associated with love and deep affection, the red pansy, too, denotes a flaming romance or a desire for it.

You can give red pansies to express affection towards someone who means a lot to you. Give some red pansies instead of roses the next time you want to tell someone you’ll miss them passionately.

Purple color

The color purple is linked with royalty and dignity. This is exactly why purple pansies are also used to denote royalty, nobility, and magnificent beauty. Purple pansies have a regal aura about them, making them one of the most popular color varieties in the pansy world.

The deep hue in the middle of the purple pansy is also associated with strong memories. Just like the richness of the color, the purple pansy is loaded with meanings.

Orange color

The color orange, like yellow, is vibrant and energetic. An orange pansy flower symbolizes hope and optimism.

Therefore, the orange pansy is gifted to those you would like to make happier and more optimistic. You can also give orange pansies to express your pleasure or congratulate someone on a special occasion.

Orange pansies are rare in comparison to other color varieties of the flower that are easily found in different parts of the world. However, a rare color, orange pansies, strongly impact someone’s mood.

Blue color

The blue pansy is the most fragrant of them all and is the most straightforward in its meaning. The meaning of blue pansies is often associated with honesty and devotion. 

Blue pansies can be gifted to those you want to promise loyal companionship. But be careful not to give very dark blue or indigo pansies to a loved one.

Blue pansies also make a great choice to be presented in corporate settings. You can also gift blue pansies to an acquaintance or colleague.

White color

White pansy flowers are a symbol of purity and virtue. White pansies also have a spiritual connotation, just like any white flower. White pansies are gifted to new loves with whom someone would like to begin a courtship.

The white pansy is like a white slate that can be colored in the coming days. The beauty of white pansies is that they can be given any occasion. If you are unable to pick a specific flower color to give to someone, it is safest to go with classic white pansies. 

Black color

Black is commonly considered an ominous color and is avoided for gifting. In this case, black pansies are generally avoided as gifts or presented to those with whom your future is unsure. The black pansy is gifted to mean that “I have feelings for you, but I am unsure of your feelings.” It can also mean, “I love you, but I know you don’t love me.”

Interesting facts about the Pansy flowers

  • Pansies are edible flowers often used to decorate because they are so beautiful. Eating flowers is not only completely harmless but also beneficial for health.
  • Pansy flowers are a good source of nutrients. They have been used in traditional medicine making for centuries, especially in Chinese medicine. They are also believed to have anti-cancer properties. Pansy flowers have chemicals that help break down cancerous tumors and make people healthy.
  • In Ancient Greece, many believed that pansies made a raging heart calm. This was true, even if they did not know why. Salicylic acid, an active ingredient in aspirin, is abundant in pansies; hence, ingesting them makes the heart calmer.
  • Pansy flowers also help cure respiratory illnesses by having anti-inflammatory properties. They have saponins which help clear the passages and help in better respiration.
  • The Roman scholar, Pliny, wrote that pansies helped relieve dizziness and headaches. This is because the pansy flower is mildly sedative, and the fragrance is pleasing.
  • Pansy is a perfect gift for anyone born in February, as it is the birth flower of people born this month. As far as the color is concerned, purple pansies are quite popular as the birth flower of February month. The reason why purple pansies are associated with February’s birth flower also coincides with the fact that they bloom around this time of year.

How to grow Pansy flowers

Pansies are often fairly simple to grow. They are one of the most well-known annuals; most people know what they are.

  1. Plant the pansies in fertile, well-draining soil.
  2. Place them where they can get 4-6 hours/day of full sun.
  3. Add some compost or other form of organic matter at planting time. 
  4. Water them to keep the soil lightly moist.
  5. Add a granular fertilizer in the top 4-6 inches of soil when you plant if you don’t compost.

How to care for Pansy flowers

  1. Water the pansies regularly. Water them more when they are not growing well.
  2. Apply a general, all-purpose fertilizer around the soil to help the plant grow.
  3. Avoid using a nitrogen-heavy fertilizer, which can result in more foliage than flowers.
  4. Remove faded or dead flowers to encourage the plants to produce more blooms and prolong the blooming season.

Best time to gift Pansy flowers

There is not just one but multiple occasions on which you can gift pansies to someone. The charming quality of pansies makes them one of the most popular choices for gifting. You can give pansies to cheer someone going through a rough phase in life. 

You can also give pansies to make someone feel peaceful and optimistic. Any person receiving pansies will feel a sense of joy and positivity. No matter which color you choose, pansies offer a great way to express your affection and concern toward the receiver.

You can give pansies as a get-well gesture or even use them to ask for forgiveness. The best quality of pansies lies in their ability to instantly uplift the spirits of the receiver. Moreover, pansies are available in a beautiful array of colors that gives them a vibrant quality.

While giving pansies, you don’t need to stick only to one color-themed bouquet. You can always mix and match to create vibrant pansies that immediately catch the receiver’s attention. You can also stick with classic white or blue pansies for a formal event. 

White and blue pansy flowers make a perfect gift for corporate and formal settings such as a conference, ceremony, or farewell.

You can always go with red, yellow, or purple pansies for birthdays and weddings. No matter what color you choose, your delicate and charming pansies will never fail to impress the person who is at the receiving end. 

Always keep in mind that while giving pansies to your loved ones or acquaintances, flowers should be in a fresh state. Presenting someone with stale and dried-out flowers is better. So always make a point to pick fresh and nicely bundled flowers every time you decide to use these flowers as gifts.


Considering all of this, it is clear that pansy flowers have a much broader meaning and symbolism than most people understand.

As a result, a single pansy flower might have several meanings. It is determined by the color of the individual petals, the location of the flower, who gave it to you, and a variety of other circumstances.
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