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The queen of the night flower is one of the rarest flowers on Earth. These precious flowers usually bloom only once a year. The subtle but astounding aroma of the bloom transforms the night into an intricate piece of art. 

Even after waiting for a whole year, one gets only a little time to savor the ethereal beauty of the queen of the night flower. The divine flower blooms only at night and is spent before sunrise. The bloom’s transient nature and its rarity make the plant very expensive.

The queen of the night flower, known as Epiphyllum, is an epiphyte. The plant grows on trees for support without begetting any deleterious effect on the tree’s life. 

The name Epiphyllum is derived from the Greek phrase ‘epi phyllon’. The literal meaning of this Greek name is upon leaves. Owing to the nature of the stems, which look exactly like leaves, scientists named this plant Epiphyllum. Notably, it is a member of the family Cactaceae.

Epiphyllum oxypetalum is considered to have the most beautiful flowers in the genus. Thus, it is the species that is generally cultivated.

Epiphyllum flower is native to tropical and subtropical regions around the globe. And the center of origin of the flower is believed to be Sri Lanka. This flower has a unique place in the folklore of Sri Lanka. Epiphyllum flower is spoken of in the ancient literature of some other Asian countries too.

What does the Queen of the Night flower symbolize?

According to Sri Lankan legends, the queen of the night flower is associated with the Nagas of Sri Lanka. It is believed that Nagas descend from heaven when this exquisite flower blooms. The flower is asserted to be celestial and is called Kadupul in Sri Lanka.

In India, the queen of the night flower is popular as the Brahma Kamal. According to the Hindu religion, the universe is created by the deity Brahma. Bramha Kamal, or Epiphyllum, is considered an extraordinary creation of the Hindu deity. There is a belief that every wish made at the time of the blooming of Brahma Kamal gets fulfilled.

The queen of the night flower’s meaning lies in its Japanese name Gekka Bijin. The English translation of this Japanese name is ‘Beauty under the moon.’

While certain cultures associate the queen of the night flower with wish fulfillment and stellar beauty, Chinese culture digs at its transient nature and calls it a flash in the pan. Epiphyllum teaches us patience and the art of appreciating little things in life.

The queen of the night flower symbolism is associated with luck in many countries around the world. This flower brings luck and fulfills the desires of the heart. People offer the flower of epiphyllum to deities showing their devotion. 

The queen of the night flower symbolizes the value of perseverance. This auspicious flower embodies hearty admiration.

The queen of the night flower represents how eternity lies in small moments. This furthermore implies the ephemeral nature of good times in life. 

All in all, the queen of the night flower symbolic meanings are:

  • admiration
  • patience
  • perseverance
  • optimism, admiration
  • spirituality

Meaning of the Queen of the Night flower colors

White color

White is the epiphyllum flower’s most common color, representing purity and innocence. These flowers are a symbol of peace and devotion. The white queen of the night flower has deep spiritual meaning in almost all parts of the world. These flowers are given to deities as offerings.

Pink color

The vibrant pink color of these flowers symbolizes joy and youth. Pink queen of the night flowers is gifted to show empathy and affection. These flowers represent tenderness and appreciation.

Red color

This is one of the rarest varieties of the queen of the night flower. Red is the color of love and romance. Gifting this rare plant is a perfect gift for someone precious. Agreeably, this flower also symbolizes passion and motivation.

Yellow color

The yellow queen of the night flower is a symbol of confidence and optimism. These flowers stand for happiness and enthusiasm. Yellow flowers bring positivity and warmth to the places where they bloom.

Interesting facts about the Queen of the Night flowers

  • The queen of the night flower is also called an orchid cactus as it is a cactus that is an epiphyte like an orchid.
  • The green photosynthesizing part of the plant is mostly confused with its leaves. But just like other members of the cactus family, these are fleshy stems of the plant.
  • Even though it blooms only once a year and each flower lasts most for a night, each mature plant produces many flowers in a single blooming season.
  • In some places, it is also known as the flower from the moon.

How to grow Queen of the Night flowers

Growing queen of the night flowers outside its natural habitat is straightforward but requires careful attention to temperature, lighting, and weather.

  1. Plant the queen of the night in a loose, fast-draining potting mix that contains additional light and porous ingredients to promote drainage.
  2. Choose a filtered light spot where they get full morning sun but shelter from high noon light for the best growth.
  3. Give the plant regular watering. Ensure the potting mix is maintained moist but not soggy.
  4. Apply a balanced, slow-release type fertilizer that isn’t too high in nitrogen.

How to care for Queen of the Night flowers

  1. Water the queen of the night every few days or every day in hot weather.
  2. Lightly feed with a time-release fertilizer.
  3. Clip off flower heads after the blossoms expire.
  4. Prune dead parts of the plant to improve its appearance, and encourage new growth and healthy blossoming.
  5. Cut all dead, diseased, and broken stems.
  6. Remove any long stems that disrupt the balance of the plant.

Best time to gift Queen of the Night flowers

The blooming of the queen of the night flower is considered a good omen. These flowers are the perfect gifts for any auspicious occasion like weddings, birthdays, or baby showers.

These flowers embody patience and the act of waiting. That’s why the Epiphyllum plant is an awesome farewell gift. Giving someone a cactus orchid or queen of the night flowers as a gift indicates that you admire the person.


Several ancient texts cite the queen of the night flower as a heavenly flower. It is an extraordinary and expensive flower. Giving it to someone shows how precious they are to you.

The queen of the night flower tells us that moments of joy may be fleeting, but numerous such moments await us in the future. Instead of whining about these short-living joys, we should keep looking forward to more such moments to bloom.

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