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Ranunculus flowers are among the most beautiful blooms in wedding bouquets and floral arrangements. Ranunculus refers to the entire range of the Ranunculaceae botanical family.

Ranunculus flower etymological meaning stands for “little frogs.” This flower’s name combines two Latin words, Rana, which translates to frog, and unculus, which means little. 

These delicate flowers originated from Central Asia and then reached Europe and other parts of the world.

What Does The Ranunculus Flower Symbolize?

The ranunculus flower symbolizes charm and attractiveness across cultures and generations. They are beautiful flowers and ideal for gifting.

As per an ancient story in Native America, this flower is a symbol of careless behavior. According to the legend, a coyote played with his eyes by throwing them into the sky and catching them. One day an eagle came and caught his eye. The poor coyote couldn’t see anything, so he put two small ranunculus flowers and made them his eyes. Since then, these flowers have become a symbol of careless behavior.

Another popular Persian story is about a Persian prince falling in love with beautiful nymphs. The prince sang to them every night, but they refused his love. Unfortunately, the prince died out of sadness, and a small ranunculus flower sprung up where he died. There is another version where the nymphs turned the prince into a flower so that he would stop singing.

All in all, the ranunculus flower symbolic meanings are:

  • attractiveness
  • charm
  • romance
  • love
  • gentle feelings
  • careless behavior
  • desire

Meaning Of The Ranunculus Flower Colors

Pink color

In the language of flowers, pink stands for romance, admiration, love, and sympathy. The pink ranunculus flower connotes all these emotions. 

Pink ranunculus flowers are the perfect gift for the special person in your life.

Orange color

The orange ranunculus flower means joy, positive energy, and happiness. These flowers can instantly light up anyone’s mood and turn a dull moment into a happy one. Also, these radiant orange blooms can brighten up any corner of the house. 

These flowers are an excellent choice for home décor.

Red color

The red ranunculus flower symbolizes love, passion, and romance. The color red sends a strong message, and your loved one will be quite pleased to receive these beautiful blooms. 

If you want to make someone feel extra special, give them a red ranunculus flower instead of regular red roses. 

Yellow color

The bright and cheerful yellow ranunculus flower symbolizes friendship and positivity. They also mean joy and happiness. 

Giving a yellow ranunculus flower to someone will bring warmth and comfort to the recipient. These flowers will also bring a lot of warmth to your home if you use them as home décor.

Purple color

The purple ranunculus flower means charm, royalty, extreme beauty, and elegance. These blossoms are perfect for making any special day extraordinary and memorable. 

In Victorian times, a bouquet of purple ranunculus flowers was gifted to someone charming and attractive.

White color

Generally, white ranunculus flowers mean charm. White ranunculus flowers symbolize true love, elegance, innocence, and grace.

Interesting Facts About The Ranunculus Flowers

  • Ranunculus, commonly known as buttercups, is a garden plant flourishing richly.
  • Ranunculus flowers can grow to 30- 45 cm in height and width between 20-30 cm. The leaves of the flowers are green-blue.
  • The gorgeous ranunculus flower is known for its delicate petals and soft pastel colors. These flowers can stay fresh for up to a week after being cut. They highlight any wedding decoration, bridal bouquet, and corsages. 
  • Another interesting fact is that the ranunculus flower is used as a wedding cake topper.
  • In ancient times, ranunculus flowers were used in divination to teach wisdom and deepen spiritual beliefs. Some even believed that it was guarded by spirits that would help to manifest dreams. Many people also hung the flower as an amulet before their doors.
  • In medieval times, the flower, the roots, and the leaves were used to treat blisters. 
  • In folk medicine, the flower was used to treat lymph glands. 
  • In current times, the whole flower, especially the ranunculus bulbosus, is used to make medicine for treating various illnesses like rheumatic pain, hiccups, flu, and arthritis.

How To Grow Ranunculus Flowers

Ranunculus is a low-maintenance plant that is resistant to pests and diseases. They thrive in pots and are excellent container gardening ideas for adding spring color and interest to a patio, tiny garden, or balcony.

  1. Plant the ranunculus in humus-rich, moist, and well-draining soil.
  2. Choose a spot where they can get plenty of sunlight to grow well.
  3. Water the plant regularly.
  4. Add a good organic fertilizer to the soil every few weeks to give the plants adequate nutrients.

How To Care For Ranunculus Flowers

  1. Ensure the ranunculus is always kept moist but not completely wet. Just provide enough moisture to keep the soil damp.
  2. Scatter mulch around the flowers to help the soil retain moisture critical to the flowers’ early growth.
  3. Use liquid plant food twice a month to help the plants produce more flowers and extend their life.
  4. Remove all the dead flower heads to keep their appearance neat and encourage them to flower.

Best Time To Gift Ranunculus Flowers

Since the various colors of ranunculus flowers symbolize love, passion, romance, elegance, warmth, and friendship, they are perfect gifts for various occasions.

You can gift white, red, or pink ranunculus flowers on special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays. These beautiful flowers are a sure way to let someone know they are special and immensely value their presence in your life.

If you value or admire someone dearly in your life, then purple ranunculus flowers are an excellent gift to make a special occasion special.

If you wish someone good luck, the white ranunculus flower is the best way to convey your thoughts.

Yellow Ranunculus flower is associated with positivity and is the most suitable flower for these occasions. They exude warmth and positive energy and are a popular choice for gifting at the workplace.

If you want to express your love and true feelings to someone special, you can give a bouquet of red ranunculus flowers.


The ranunculus flower is known for its romantic and beautiful flair; these round blooms can impress and melt anyone’s heart. Gift them, plant them in your garden, decorate your home, or create a bouquet; these gorgeous flowers radiate a beauty that is hard to resist. No wonder ranunculus flowers are the favorite of most flower enthusiasts.

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