Solidago Flower: Meaning, Symbolism, and Colors

This article will tell you all you need to know about the golden glory that is the Goldenrod, the Solidago flower meaning and characteristics, and much more.

The Solidago, more commonly known as the Goldenrod, are a diverse species of flowering plants that are well known for their medicinal characteristics. In fact, the very name Solidago got derived from the Medieval Latin word ‘solido’ – which means heal and ‘ago’ – which means to make. The name attributes the Solidago’s healing properties. The plant can treat wounds, internal bleeding and even heart problems.

The Solidago flowers are nutritious too, and are good ingredients for soups, salads and herbal tea. They are also used to produce honey, that is capable of desensitizing people’s pollen allergies. Native Americans used the young leaves of the goldenrod as well as the seeds as food.

Although there are more than a hundred species of Solidago, they are difficult to tell apart. The plants are tall, and the flowers are typically golden and spiky. The goldenrod loves the sun and grows rapidly and aggressively. They can reach full size within months, growing thick crowns at their heights. From July through September we can see the small and bright goldenrod flowers blooming in dense bunches collected on the top of the stems. They are able to survive in harsh and diverse habitats, able to tolerate droughts and dry soil. Due to their growth speed they are often misunderstood as invasive weeds in some parts of the world.

Solidago is the name of the genus that contains more than a hundred species, who all have unique scientific names. The Solidago virgaurea is the scientific name of the European Goldenrod, which has antiseptic properties that could heal wounds. It is even used in herbal medicine to heal the inflammation caused by kidney stones. It was also used to produce yellow dye. The Solidago altissima is the tall goldenrod, which is used in the production of honey and is loved by honeybees. The Solidago canadensis is the Canadian goldenrod, often used to decorate gardens.

Most Solidago flowers are native to the American continent – most which can be found in North America and Mexico. A few species are native to South America, and some have been introduced to the European continent. These species, like the Solidago canadensis, were brought to Europe be garden plants. Some other places in the world like China and Japan consider them to be an invasive species.

What Does the Solidago Flower Symbolize?

Solidago flower meaning and symbolization provided the roots for it to be introduced to Europe from America. Solidago flowers are considered to bring good luck and fortune, which is why the British sought to adopt the goldenrod as a garden plant. Prior to this, many Americans considered the goldenrod to be a weed, but soon they also adopted the goldenrod into their garden as a sign of good fortune.

The fast-growing nature of the Solidago means it is also a sign of growth and exploration. There is a pioneering spirit that we associate with the Solidago given how it takes over nearby vegetation. The fact that Solidago grows strong even in harsh or substandard conditions also adds to this pioneering spirit. While growing Solidago in a garden, you must be careful to control the spreading by planting them in appropriate spaces.

Solidago flower meaning and symbolization also resulted in it being named as the state flower in two states in the USA – Nebraska and Kentucky. Nebraska did it first, back in 1895, choosing the Goldenrod for its ability to adapt to all conditions. The Solidago flower was said to represent the warm people of Nebraska.

South Carolina soon followed suit and named the Solidago altissima (tall goldenrod) the state wildflower, after which Delaware named the Solidago odora (sweet goldenrod) its state herb.

Since the goldenrod blooms in August in the Midwestern United States, they provide a symbolic reminder for children that the summer holidays were getting over.

What Do the Various Colors of the Solidago Flower Mean?

Most Solidago species live up to their given name (Goldenrod) and come in warm golden-yellow colors.

1) Yellow Solidago

Solidago loves the sun and always form crowns of small yellow flowers on top of the stem pointing at the sky. The golden color in flowers typically symbolizes richness and beauty. In the case of the Solidago the richness can be an abundance of good health and good fortune.

2) Solidago bicolor – The White goldenrod

The white goldenrod is different from all other goldenrod, given the white – silver color of its flowers. Unlike its yellow cousins, the white goldenrod form clusters around the thin stems rather than branching out into big crowns. White color in flowers typically symbolizes peace and support, which goes hand in hand with the healing qualities of the Solidago.

Interesting Facts and Characteristics of the Solidago Flower

1) There are many myths and false rumors about the Solidago flowers – they are falsely accused of causing hay fever in humans. The truth is, the pollen that causes hay fever comes from ragweed, which blooms at the same time as Solidago.

2) Solidago nectar attracts many insects like bees, wasps and butterflies. As a result it is also used for honey production.

3) Solidago naturally contains rubber, and Thomas Edison once carried out experiments on the plant to use it for rubber production. The rubber produced in his experiments was used to make tires on a Ford Model T car gifted to him by Henry Ford.

4) The leaves of the Solidago used to be chewed by Native Americans to relieve sore throats or tooth pains.

5) All species of Solidago are edible and also said to be nutritious.

6) Solidago is very low maintenance – while it demands a lot of sunlight, it does not fuss too much over the soil, water and humidity. It grows well even in sandy or rocky terrain, and it is very tolerant to droughts.

Best Time to Gift Someone Solidago Flowers

The beauty and brightness of Solidago flowers does mean that you can gift them at any time at all. They are already used in a variety of garden and event decorations since they have so much positive symbolism.

However, considering the exact nature of Solidago flowers, they may be best gifted to loved ones who are recovering from an illness. Since the Solidago flowers are most well known for their healing properties, this would be the most appropriate flower to gift in such a time.

If you don’t want to only associate Solidago flowers with the negative mood of illnesses, they can also be gifted during childbirth. They will convey good health for both mother and child, as well as a healthy recovery for the mother. Solidago flowers also symbolize support and encouragement, and so are the perfect gift in such situations.

Solidago flowers bring good fortune, and so they would be a perfect gift for someone taking the plunge into a new business or a new career.


The Solidago flowers are a beautiful family of flowers. They bring good health and peace to the natural world, as well as our gardens it inhabits. It is a symbol of positivity, representing all things good in this world, and is ideal to be grown in your backyard or gifted to your loved ones. It also has several real world applications like being medicinal and enhancing our meals. Overall, the Solidago, or goldenrod, is truly a golden standard in the world of flora.