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Succulent flowers are great gift choices as their vibrant color and unique designs are very appealing to the eye. Normally, succulent plants can survive in dry atmosphere. They keep water molecules stored in their roots, stems and leaves. There are many types of succulent plant breeds and there are almost 60 families of succulents. Succulent flowers are also called ornamental plants. They are mostly found in the drought effected countries like Central America and Africa.

Mostly all the varieties of cactus are succulent, but many succulents can’t be called cactus. With white, yellow and green leaves, the succulents come in various colors and they have a powdery wax texture. Snake Plant, Kalanchoe, Jade and the widely known Aloe Vera are also succulents. Succulents flower too and daisy like flowers are formed by cactus succulents.

What do Succulent Flowers Symbolize?

Different types of succulents flower meaning can be understood by their color, shape and size. Succulents grow and survive mostly in drought facing environment and they also face hardship to persist in difficult conditions. This quality of succulents makes them an example of ENDURING LOVE and LONG FRIENDSHIPS. So, all succulents give a feeling of longevity and succulent flower meaning is one of long-lasting loving and affectionate feelings. Friends also choose to gift succulents to show their intention to keep a long and surviving friendship with somebody they admire.

Succulents are placed indoors as it is believed that they can avert a negative omen which could lead to misfortune. Plus, abundance and wealth is symbolized by them, as succulent flower meaning also indicates gold and wealth.

Succulent flower meaning varies as per the types of succulents. Below are various types of succulents:

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  • STICKS ON FIRE: Known as red pencil plant, its tips turn red in winter and yellow in summer. Changing colors according to weather as well as its height and color makes it fabulous its own way. Their vertical stems are of the size of pencil. The stems look like burning flame or fire and this plant is good for gifting as a decorative plant.

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  • BABY’S NECKLACE: The stacked leaves of baby’s necklace need some sun protection. During winters, beautiful white flowers come from the end of the leaf strands. Baby’s necklace forms a three-dimensional pillar in the pot and the flowers look unique.

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  • GOLDEN-TOOTHED ALOE: A sharp pointed emergence arises from the cortex, bringing dark- green, white or yellow shades. This succulent converts into hot color after coming into sunlight, but at the bottom of the surface, you find it soft green. Plant golden tooth and you’ll start choosing it over aloe vera. Eye soothing red-orange flowers show up in summer time, which you will find hard to resist or appreciate.

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  • PADDLE PLANT: While it is also called as desert cabbage, carrying round and flat leaves, this succulent could grow by the length of 6 inches (ca. 15 cm) in diameter. They come to life when they grow bright and strong from their tips downwards. They grow more prettily with finest sun or cold. In early springs and late winters, a dim yellow flower, and its redness brings the shade of fire to the leaves.

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  • MORNING BEAUTY ECHEVERIA: People think this succulent is hard to grow because of its beautiful greyish powder color. But its easy out of all succulents and user-friendly to plant and take care of. It only takes the richest and organic soil, as well as demands an indirect ultra light. It flourishes like water lily or lotus, and gives a feeling of unordinary peace by just giving a little care to it.

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  • RAINBOW ECHEVERIA: Giving it the shape of rosettes, this succulent keeps changing its colors throughout the year. It could also bring different shades to the eye with the changing season. So, it is a mood changing weather succulent. It grows best and bright in hard sun. If given four to six hours of clear bright sunlight, pale green leaves turn purple and soft pink, which gives this succulent a view of beautiful rose flower.

Succulent Flower Meaning: What Do the Various Colors of the Succulent Flowers Mean?

The various succulent flowers and their color symbolism is listed below:

  • Orange and Red

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The vibrant flowers of KALANCHOE symbolize eternal love and romance. They are ideal gifts to give to your better half.

  • Luscious Green

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The luscious green leaves of JADE PLANT, also known as lucky plant or money plant, bring good luck, especially for money and wealth.

  • Spiky Green Leaves

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The spiky leaves of AGAVE give it the name of miracle tree or Mexican tree of life. It is so because this plant takes almost a century to grow into a strong plant. Having leaves that look like swords, it shows security as its symbol.

  • Whitish Leaves

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The whitish leaves of CHALK DUDLEYA give it a unique appearance. It is also called chalk live forever because it could survive in heavy droughts and has a long living life.

  • Deep Green

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The vibrant green leaves of ALOE VERA make it a lucky and healing plant because of its medical properties. It has also been called immortality plant as people plant it on graves. Grief and bitterness are also symbolized by this plant.

  • White Thorns

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The white thorns of CACTUS signify safety, strength and protection. Cactus can also be seen as a symbol of bitterness and aggressiveness.

  • Parrot Green

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The vivacious leaves of SEDUM symbolize tranquility. This succulent repels the light.

  • Pink

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The beautiful pink hue of CROWN OF THORNS symbolizes protection and persistence. Plus, purification is also symbolized by this succulent.

Interesting Facts and Characteristics of the Succulent Flower

Succulent flower meaning is not just related to being ornamental plants. They are highly admired for medical uses too. Also, they are healthy to eat and are added in the routine diet. In many parts of the world, succulent plants are also used for the spiritual purposes to keep the evil away of the house and life. They are also used in rituals to provide the home and human positive feelings around the place they live in.

An effect of sun, cold, heat and droughts could bring the change in the color of succulents. Every color brings the aliveness in the flower. They start turning into green and blue-green colors and blossom into bright and blissful shades of red, orange, pink, purple and yellows.

Best Time to Gift Someone Succulent Flowers

Succulents are gifts for every occasion as they are available all year round and can survive even in harsh weather. So, buy a succulent flower today to present a unique and thoughtful gift to someone special.