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A myrtle flower is small, but it is colorful and beautiful. Its name comes from the Greek word ‘Myrtos,’ meaning ‘A sprig of the myrtle tree.’ Myrtles grow on trees. 

There is a lot of myth, symbolism, and history shrouding this flower in different world cultures. This flower falls under the Myrtus genus and is a member of the Myrtaceae family. Myrtle flowers grow throughout the year in North Africa, South America, Asia, and the Mediterranean. These were native to North Africa and Europe.

Myrtles grow in Spring and Summer in shrubs having shiny, small, and scented leaves. These are evergreen plants. Myrtle flowers grow as ornamental flowers but are also used in producing aromatic oils. These flowers are white, purple, and pink.

These tiny flowers are delicate to the touch and have five petals and sepals in each flower. They grow on short stalks, and a myrtle plant can grow as long as five meters. The fruits of the myrtle plant look like berries and have gastronomical uses. 

Myrtle flowers are important in many cultures as they are used in world traditions and rituals. It is interesting to know the meaning of the real myrtle flower. Certain myths have been about these flowers for many years.

What does the Myrtle flower symbolize?

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The myrtle flower can be a symbol of marital fidelity or good luck. This flower also symbolizes chastity, prosperity, and good luck in love.

Myrtle flower is dedicated to lovers because it represents mutual respect and celebrates the union between two people. It is deemed to be sacred and stands for everlasting love.

The wonderful myrtle flower is believed to draw positive and good energy. In most of the places where these flowers grow, people there think myrtles bring good luck to those places. If you have moved into a new house, or are newly married, keep myrtles in your home to draw positive energy. As one myrtle flower means attracting luck, keeping it at your workstation is also good.

Myrtle flowers are also linked with innocence and celibacy. As these flowers symbolize purity and abstinence, they are used in different religious ceremonies and rituals in many cultures worldwide. Like other white flowers, myrtles, mostly white, symbolize goodness and virtue.

Myrtle can boost prosperity in your home. As myrtles are associated with wealth, you can keep some near you to bring more security, stability, and prosperity to your life.

The myrtle flower meaning is incomplete if its association with marriage and love goes unmentioned. As myrtles can bring good luck to lives, it is used for decorating wedding venues. Myrtles are also used in bridal floral bouquets. You can give a myrtle bouquet as a wedding present.

All in all, the myrtle flower symbolic meanings are:

  • love
  • affection
  • beauty
  • good luck
  • prosperity
  • wealth
  • innocence
  • purity
  • abstinence
  • peace

Meaning of the Myrtle flower colors

White color

Being a typically white flower, myrtle symbolizes spirituality, innocence, truth, and purity. White myrtles are ideal for decorating wedding venues and preparing bridal bouquets.

Purple color

You can give purple myrtles to any person you respect—a teacher, your parents, or anyone you admire. Purple myrtles are associated with beauty, prosperity, power, and royalty.

Pink color

Pink is a soft and gentle color. Pink myrtles stand for love, femininity, and romance. You can give adorable pink myrtles to anyone you love.

Fuchsia color

Fuchsia also stands for femininity; the women population largely loves fuchsia flowers. If you are in love with a lady or attracted to her, you can impress her by giving her a bouquet of fuchsia myrtles.

Interesting facts about the Myrtle flowers

  • A myrtle flower is not so well-known worldwide.
  • Influential members of society used to cultivate myrtle flowers.
  • Myrtle flowers have only two real species.
  • The myrtle plant became widely known in the 17th century.
  • Since the 19th century, these flowers can be found at weddings.
  • Some cultures believe a myrtle flower can elevate mood as it brings peace and joy.
  • Myrtle flowers are ornamental and ideal for decorating interior places.
  • Birds and insects eat the fruits of myrtle plants.

How to grow Myrtle flowers

Myrtle flowers are grown on vines and are very appreciated. While the common myrtle is naturally bushy, it can be treated as a low-mounding spreading shrub, an erect little tall tree, or a tiny bonsai.

  1. Plant the myrtle in moist but well-drained soil.
  2. Place them in a spot with full to partial shade.
  3. Water the root ball of the young plants once a week or more.
  4. Apply liquid fertilizer once a week throughout the growing season.

How to care for Myrtle flowers

  1. Give the older myrtle plants a deeper watering every two to four weeks.
  2. Keep an eye on the plant in the winter because if it grows, you may need to fertilize it every two weeks.
  3. Prune after the bloom period.
  4. Remove wasted blossoms and clean any dead or unhealthy wood to help the tree to grow tiny.
  5. Shear the plant to the proper size to make a hedge.

Best time to gift Myrtle flowers

The myrtle flowers give out the message of love. These flowers symbolize fidelity too, and they are ideal for marriage purposes. You can give a bouquet of myrtles to an about-to-wed or newly-wed couple. You can put these flowers in a bridal bouquet to hand to the bride on her special day.

Myrtles also signifies chastity and celibacy. This is why you can take these flowers to a Christening or communion. 

Myrtle flowers are not officially the birthday flowers of any month. You can give a bunch of these flowers to anyone celebrating their birthday. This flower is an appropriate gift for any occasion. You can gift myrtles to loved ones to wish them prosperity and luck.

The star-shaped myrtle flower has been historically linked with marriage and love. The love connection was mentioned in Greek mythologies and served its purposes in royal weddings. Myrtle reminds us to make truthfulness and love take places of prime importance in our lives.


Myrtle flowers grow only in particular temperatures and soil types, making them an excellent addition to any yard or garden. 

Homeowners who appreciate these flowers can also sample the berries or season with the leaves to make the most of the plant. Of course, a sprig of blossoming myrtle is also a significant way to express your love to someone.

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