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The carnal flower, more popularly known as tuberose, is a bulbous flowering plant native to Mexico. Known previously by the scientific name Polianthes tuberosa, it was later reclassified as Agave amica by Carl Linnaeus in 1753. 

Belonging to the family Asparagaceae, it is a distant relative of hyacinth and asparagus. It is not related to the rose but originates from the Latin “tuberosa,” which refers to the plant’s tuberous root system. They are largely grown for their aesthetic and aromatic value.

The tuberose plant was discovered in Mexico in the 16th century and was later imported to Europe. Tuberoses are rhizomes and are easy to grow. It does best in tropical and temperate climates.

Its characteristic features include star-shaped flowers that grow as florets on a sturdy stem. They sprout as spikes from the bulb and form slightly succulent rosettes of leaves at the bottom. 

There are several tuberose hybrids and colors in flowers. Commercially, you could find orange, purple, and yellow tuberose flowers for sale. These are often used in bouquets and flower arrangements. They are found in pearly white, pastel pink, pale blue, and gilded yellow. Based on the rows of petals, the carnal blooms are of four types: single, semi-double, double, and variegated.

They are famous as cut flowers and garlands as their scent lasts long after being removed from the stem.

What does the Tuberose (Carnal) flower symbolize?

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The tuberose (carnal) flower means the most passionate form of love, temptation, and attraction.

The primary carnal flower’s meaning is exactly what the name indicates it is. Its seductive fragrance symbolizes dangerous delights and the wildest pleasure. A crazy romantic adventure awaits the receiver of this flower. They make a great choice for your lover before embarking on an intimate escapade.

Its intoxicating scent easily entices the one who catches its scent. They are flowers that symbolize a love that consumes your body, mind, and soul. Aromatherapists recommend its use to calm the nervous system and open up the heart. The obsession is often titillating in nature and refuses to let you move on.

All in all, the tuberose (carnal) flower symbolic meanings are:

  • passion
  • obsession
  • decadence
  • dangerous pleasures

Meaning of the Tuberose (Carnal) flower colors

White color

Contrary to the typical interpretations of white, the white tuberose (carnal) flower is the ultimate symbol of lust and gratification. Its long-lasting sultry scent is guaranteed to sinfully and treacherously enchant your partner. It indicates anticipation of rapturous times and is commonly used to decorate the bridal room of newlyweds in Asian cultures.

Pink color

The light pink tuberose (carnal) flower symbolizes the beginning stages of love when everything feels like “La Vie en rose” or life experienced through rose-tinted glasses. It stands for excitement, ecstasy, and promises of a great romance. Gifting a bouquet of these pale pink beauties is bound to sweep your lover off their feet!

Fusing the sweet pink hues with the bolder purple ones, the pink-sapphire carnal flower meaning proves love is blind to man-made boundaries like color, shape, or size. It includes various ages, gender identities, ethnicities, languages, etc. It delivers the message of “I love you in every universe” and says what matters is “you” and not the person’s state.

Blue color

The blue tuberose (carnal) flower represents fidelity, reliability, security, and extravagance. Nothing screams, “I love you, and I’m always here for you,” like these flowers! Gifting these blue blooms to your significant other on Valentine’s day or after a fight ought to say that you will forever be their most devoted believer.

Yellow color

The yellow tuberose (carnal) flower embodies a love that flourishes openly and bravely under the sun and breaks away from the secrecy of closed curtains. Due to their rare occurrence, the yellow blooms are a unique choice for your special someone. They make a great choice for proposals and public declarations of love!

Interesting facts about the Tuberose (Carnal) flowers

  • The tuberoses have taken over the perfume world since the 17th century. Renowned French queen Marie Antoinette first popularized the flower when she asked for a perfume that blended the scents of tuberose, orange blossom, jasmine, and sandalwood. It was known as Sillage de la Reine.
  • The scent of the tuberose is similar to jasmine. Famous perfumes have used the tuberose scent, such as Carnal Flower by Frédéric Malle. It can also be found in Turbulences by Louis Vuitton, Tendre Poison by Dior, Giorgio Beverly Hills by Karl Lagerfeld, Gabrielle by Chanel, and Tubereuse Mystique by Bvlgari.
  • The flowers go by the names of rajnigandha in India and sedap malam in Indonesia. Both names mean “aroma of the night.” It is even used for cooking some Indonesian dishes.
  • Tuberoses are a bestseller in the global florist industry. Their naturally extracted pure scent is also a coveted, expensive product. It requires a ton of tuberose blooms to make about 200g of the fragrance; one ounce of it is valued at over $600.
  • Its formidable yet delightful scent is of help in aromatherapy, where it is used to calm the nerves and boost mental health.
  • Legend has it that carnal flowers were cultivated by the ancient Aztecs, who used them to make chocolates.
  • Tuberoses are a multipurpose flower used in artistic wreaths, floral ornaments, corsages, floral wedding arrangements, altar decorations, bouquets, buttonholes, gardens, and landscapes.
  • In many South Asian countries like India and Bangladesh, tuberose is a piquant stunner used in wedding arrangements and garlands. In traditional Hawaiian weddings, brides wear tuberose leis. It is also used in wedding bouquets in Western countries.
  • People usually tuck a sprig or flower in the buttonhole of their shirts to ward off evil spirits.
  • During Victorian times, young women were discouraged from smelling tuberose flowers.
  • Tuberose flowers can be eaten. The roots can be roasted and used to flavor coffee.
  • Tuberose flowers are used to treat medical conditions like anemia, cataracts, and insomnia.
  • Tuberose essential oil is very expensive because 1200 kilos of tuberose buds are required to make 200 grams of oil.
  • For a long time, tuberoses were used in funeral wreaths and thus fell out of favor for general use. This use was restricted to some countries, and these fragrant flowers are becoming popular again.

How to grow Tuberose (Carnal) flowers

Tuberose (carnal) flowers are rather simple to cultivate indoors and outdoors if you have a sunny spot.

  1. Plant the tuberose (carnal) bulb in fertile, moist, and well-draining soil. 
  2. Choose a spot where the bulb can get full sun for about 6-8 hours during the day to thrive.
  3. Give the bulb a thorough watering to settle the soil around the plant.
  4. Apply slow-release, granular fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season.
  5. Feed the bulb every three to six weeks until the growing season ends.

How to care for Tuberose (Carnal) flowers

  1. Water moderately during the growing season.
  2. Apply a balanced fertilizer with equal nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to encourage blooming.
  3. Keep the soil moist by adding a 3 inches thick layer of mulch. 
  4. Remove the withered flowers to encourage new growth. 
  5. Do not remove any leaves until they are completely yellow.

Best time to gift Tuberose (Carnal) flowers

Since the tuberose (carnal) flower meaning ultimately refers to the all-consuming power of love, it can be used for many romantic situations like first dates, proposals, weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day

This flower is a great gift choice for celebrating different types of love, so it can be used to gift your partner during Pride month. No matter who you are, the overpowering symbolism of this flower and its racy fragrance will leave your heart racing and blood pumping. They come in handy as a gift for a special night signifying everything bold and tantalizing that lies ahead. 

In some Asian countries like India, flowers are even offered in worship of God. They are an inherent part of floral wedding arrangements and bouquets. They can also be gifted to plant lovers who would love to welcome a sweet-scented newcomer to their garden!

Tuberose bulbs are a good gift for someone setting up a new home. Let the tuberose flower’s meaning of protection against evil be the reason to do so. Tuberose bouquets are a good hostess gift too. A bouquet with just tuberoses will last a week to ten days and add beauty and fragrance to a home.


Tuberose (carnal) flower is popular in many countries for its fragrance and multiple uses. It is also an easy plant to grow. It is a great addition to any garden and thrives in warm climates. 

Now that you know the tuberose flower’s meaning, find the appropriate occasion to give these beauties to friends and family. Giving someone you’re interested in a bouquet of tuberoses or a potted plant is a good way to convey your message.

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