Elena Lopez


A List of Flowers That Start With O

Source Since time immemorial, flowers have been admired across human societies. Looking at flowers gives pleasure to most humans. Some varieties of flowers have found a place in gardens and some spread cheer blooming in the wild. With so many…


A List of Flowers That Start With Q

Image Source We all cherish flowers in our way. Flowers create special table decorative pieces in our houses and apartments and are magnificent in our yards. Flowers, such as bouquets, boutonnieres, and floral hairpieces, play a significant role in ceremonies…


A List of Flowers That Start With S

Image Source Scientific studies have been able to reflect that flowers have a huge impact on human happiness. Although the biological function of a flower is to aid in the reproduction of the plant, they also come with a number…


A List of Flowers That Start With V

Image Source Flowers, like humans, have a variety of names that all begin with one of the alphabet’s many letters. The planet Venus is connected with the letter V. Venus was the goddess of love, charm, triumph, virtue, fertility, and…


A List of Flowers That Start With Z

Image Source Flowers add color to the world. They add beauty to our lives. Flowers are all around us. Apart from growing in beautifully tended gardens and the untamed wilderness, they are also found as part of art, literature, culture,…


List of Flowers That Start With I

Image Source Flowers are one of those rarities that suit every purpose and every situation. With a host of varieties in the world and at your local florist’s, we will be focusing on a niche: list of flowers that start…