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These stunning amaryllis flower meanings lie in dignity, courage, and resolution as the blossoms live tall over all the other varieties of winter blooms. 

The family name of the Amaryllis flower is Amaryllidaceae and originates from the Greek term “amarisso,” which means “to sparkle.” 

According to many botanists, the Portuguese were the ones who possibly brought the amaryllis bulb to Europe in the early 16th Century. It is true that countries, including Portugal, Spain, and Italy, are among those European countries that introduced the amaryllis belladonna. 

This flower is also believed to be mainly explorers from these countries who wandered remotely in vast areas, returning with different discoveries to please their partners.

What does the Amaryllis flower symbolize?

According to Greek mythology, they strongly believed that the amaryllis flower was a calm, peaceful and modest spirit. 

It brings down in love with Alteo, a Greek shepherd. The shepherd was blessed with Apollo’s physical glamor and Hercules’s strength. He did not come back to the affection of Amaryllis. She struggled to achieve the affection of Alteo by requiring him of the abundant extraordinary flowers on the planet. She sought an attorney from Delphi and came out at his door for around 30 nights with a white outfit. Each night, Amaryllis borrows a bright arrow to chop her heart. Finally, when Alteo came out, she only saw a vigorous red blossom that emerged from the blood that spilled out of her heart. The fable provided the amaryllis flower meaning of decision, dignity, and fascinating glamor.

According to Victorian England, the amaryllis flower means severe dignity and magnificence due to its elevation. Amaryllis in the full bud is frequently compared with a fascinating and gorgeous dressed woman.

When it comes to success, the amaryllis is always believed to signify achievement obtained after a difficult war and conflict. 

These flowers are also frequently pointed out to individuals with intentions of tribute, whether for the arts, composition, or scholarship.

When it comes to inner beauty, the amaryllis is known for exemplifying luminous magnificence and beauty. It is also an emblem of value that takes off beyond physical glamor, like the elegance that appears from the inner self.

All in all, the amaryllis flowers symbolic meanings are:

  • pride
  • strength
  • determination
  • splendid beauty
  • love

Meaning of the Amaryllis flower colors

Pink color

Pink is a fascinating and soft color. It is the reason behind a pink amaryllis blossom that can stand as a gift for individuals as a sign of friendship. 

Beyond age, gender, or race, the pink amaryllis flower exemplifies all relationships.

Purple color

These flowers are frequently correlated with supremacy, sovereignty, and splendor. The purple amaryllis can further signify spirituality. 

The depth of purple can further have an emotional bonding, specifically with red. It can also imply powerful and exhilarating identities.

White color

White is always said to exemplify spirituality and the heavenly feeling. A white amaryllis flower represents gentleness. It can further illustrate children along with their innocence. 

The reason behind it is that the color white has engaged with religious emblems. The white amaryllis omnipresently holds a position as the flowers are laid to rest along with a tomb.

Orange color

Orange represents a glorious and delightful color. Consequently, it is always a sign of optimism and favorable vigor. 

Orange amaryllis flower means state protection and satisfaction. In contrast, this flower color frequently serves as an offering for new family or friends during a festival ceremony. 

Having gorgeous orange flowers in a house is enough to stimulate nearly everyone’s mood.

Yellow color

Yellow color always serves as an emblem of genuine bliss. While orange commonly stands for cheerful and optimistic concern, it also has an essentially childish purity. 

A yellow amaryllis flower symbolizes the pure happiness that reaches from a pleasant day. Having yellow amaryllis flowers can lighten up anyone or any environment.

Interesting facts about the Amaryllis flower

  • Many amaryllis flowers possess bulbs more than 40 cm in circumference, commonly propagating barely 4 flower stems. Regardless, they are hardly accessible to residence gardeners.
  • Many amaryllis flowers are like epiphytes. Their bulbs develop and increase on trees. In such a case, the specific varieties are Hippeastrum arboricola, H. aulicum, H. calyptrate, and H. papilio. 
  • Every part of the amaryllis is poisonous. It contains a vast range of unusual alkaloids; It is barely harmful if occupied in vast amounts.
  • The amaryllis flower is the global symbol of institutions related to Huntington’s disorder, a hereditary degenerative illness of the nervous system.
  • In the terminology of blossoms, the amaryllis exemplifies courage and decision regarding their length and sturdiness.

How to grow Amaryllis flowers

Amaryllis grow best in narrow containers. Bulbs  to be planted should be firm and dry with no signs of mold, decay or injury.

  1. Amaryllis bulbs should be buried neck-deep or with one-third to one-half of the bulb exposed above the soil surface.
  2. Plant the bulb closely, with no more than two inches between it and the container.
  3. To promote the sprouting, provide warmth and bright sunlight.
  4. Water only the potting material, not the bulb or leaves, to avoid rotting. Overwatering should be avoided.

How to care for Amaryllis flowers

  1. Water the amaryllis when the top 2 inches of soil dry and allow the container to drain freely between waterings. Do not let the plant sit in water, as this can promote bulb and root rot and attract pests.
  2. When new growth is apparent, fertilize amaryllis every time you water at half the suggested strength. Use a phosphorus-rich indoor plant fertilizer to encourage blooming.
  3. When the flower buds open, move the plant out of direct sunlight.

Best time to gift Amaryllis flowers

Most people correlate the glorious red amaryllis with the festival season. Because it is often endowed at this time, one can discover amaryllis is accessible to purchase and appreciate between November to April. They are commonly motivated to bloom only in duration for the joyous season.

At the time of blossoming, these amazing flowers should glance their winter best three weeks ahead, whether people enjoy citing and celebrating them as a seed or cuttings in a treaty.

Each of its colors is explained to symbolize below if people are waiting for a Christmas blessing with an outstanding significance, making amaryllis flowers as an excellent gift.


Amaryllis are adored for their brilliant, eye-catching flowers, which make a wonderful winter centerpiece.

The great thing about these flowers is that they are appropriate for a wide range of gift-giving occasions and provide a lovely blend of color tones and hues that convey a wide range of meanings and symbolism.

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