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Angelica flower, also called garden angelica or wild celery, is a biennial. As an annual plant, this flower is used for both decorative and nutritional purposes. 

Angelica is a member of the Apiaceae plants of the genus. Plants produce decorative, nutritional, and therapeutic reasons and are endemic to Asia and Europe. 

The word “archangel” (Archangelos) derives from Greek, and according to legend, angels declared the plant’s curative powers. Angelica is a wildflower that means “inspiration” in floral lingo.

Angelica Archangelica is the scientific name for angelica flowers, and it originates from the Greek word Arkhangelos, which means “archangel.” According to legend, the archangel Michael appeared to a monk asleep and told him that the herb might well heal the epidemic.

During their first season, angelica species produce leaves. They blossom in the midsummer of the following year and generate seeds in the late summer. 

You can find angelica blossoms in Europe, Greenland, Iceland, western Siberia, and the Himalayas, among other places. The plants can grow for food, decorative, and therapeutic purposes in moderate and cold regions of the globe.

What does the Angelica flower symbolize?

Angelica is a blossom that connects with motivation in floral lore. When you give angelica flowers as a gift, you intend to influence and uplift somebody.

Angelica flower meaning is revered in a variety of civilizations. It’s linked with gods and goddesses and immunity from witches in the European tradition. Women planted angelica in home yards to demonstrate they weren’t evil spirits during witch-hunting in Europe and Colonial America. The Sami people of Lapland built a reed device called a Fadno out of dried angelica. Angelica was employed in rituals by many native North American groups.

If Angelica flower meaning appeals to you, individuals may be intrigued in deriving a significant significance from all you do. You may be wary of lifeless or shallow stuff, wishing for a much more sense of belonging with others and genuine closeness in relationships.

All in all, the angelica flowers symbolic meanings are:

  • true and pure intentions
  • inspiration
  • adoration
  • belongingness
  • eagerness 
  • enthusiasm

Meaning of the Angelica flower colors

White color

White is a color associated with religion, simplicity, and pureness. This color is frequently used in graves, particularly in some cultures. 

The white angelica blossom was commonly used as a flower at memorials to express the last tributes to those who had perished because of its symbolic importance. 

Besides its symbolic significance, white is a neutral hue that may give to almost everyone, although it is always a good idea to consider its significance.

Pink color

The color pink is a sign of simplicity and romanticism. 

Angelica blossoms are lovely and delicate, and you can give them to anyone you adore and appreciate. 

These lovely blossoms make lovely ornaments for weddings and the backyard of your outdoors. If you put flowers in a bouquet inside your residence, their vibrant color will help carry a little pleasure into your household. 

Angelica blossoms can also be used as a Valentine’s Day gift if you want to be unique.

Blue color

Blue is a color that represents trustworthiness, confidence, and wisdom. 

Blue angelica flowers represent eagerness and enthusiasm. You can give a basket of these blooms to others you care about and who have been on your mind.

If you want to introduce a little color to your yard, you may also grow these blossoms there.

Interesting facts about the Angelica flower

  • Angelica is a thick, robust shrub with a limited lifespan. It can reach a height of 1 meter and has deep, glossy green leaves. Plain umbels with creamy-white to greenish-white blooms can reach a width of 10 to 20 centimeters. The empty branches serrate, and the leaf is a light shade of aniseed. The bottom greenery is two or three pinnate and noticeable Petioles.
  • Various bugs pollinate the Angelica Pachycarpa’s glittering & huge starburst blossoms. The enzymes involved in the flora can be identified in the root systems and rhizomes—the active component in its tissue is Furocoumarins, which causes the body light sensitivity.
  • The Apiaceae family includes the Angelica Genera—this huge blooming flora species is sometimes referred to as the umbellifers or carrot species. For example, carrots, celery, coriander, dill, fennel, and parsley are among the 3,700 varieties spread among more than 430 families. The herb was widely used as a defensive measure from plagues, spells, witchcraft, and supernatural forces for both of these driving factors.
  • Angelica flower meaning refers to its therapeutic effects, and several societies think it has mystical powers. 
  • Angelica shrubs show Chemopreventive (carcinogen shielding), Antiproliferative (cancer cell growth inhibition), and antimitotic (anti-mutation) capabilities. The shrub is anti-tumor, anti-viral, and antimicrobial, as well as protecting from ulcer development.

How to grow Angelica flowers

Angelica is a Liquorice-scented plant that grows up to 6 feet (1.83 m) tall and is indigenous to northern climates. In its following year, the angelica flower blooms, generating huge green-white flowers.

  1. Angelica is resistant to wetness and prefers moist soil. Prevent the plants from drying out. Choose soil that is rich and mildly acidic.
  2. Plant in full sun in northern latitudes; in more temperate climates, plant in dappled shade or partial sun.
  3. During the growing season, use an all-purpose fertilizer once a month.

How to care for Angelica flowers

  1. Drain the soil well and expose the angelica to proper light exposure.
  2. Keep weeds away from the angelica and maintain moderately moist soil. 
  3. Water the angelica from the base to prevent fungal diseases. 
  4. Cut the stalk at the end of the first year to promote flowering in the following year.
  5. Always watch for harmful bugs in the shrub, like spider mites, leaf miners, and aphids. You must take all the necessary steps to keep your angelica flower devoid of these insects. Spray it using pesticide soaps or solutions.

Best time to gift Angelica flowers

Angelica flower meaning is thought to inspire and motivate people. These flowers are a great gift for somebody dealing with a difficult time or who deserves motivation.

These blossoms’ distinct scent makes them an excellent complement to flower designs for birthdays and congratulatory presents. They’re also a good flower to send to colleagues and other business associates.


Angelica flowers add a distinct fragrance and a stunning appearance to flower arrangements and gardens. They are an excellent approach to uplifting and encouraging someone feeling down.

These blossoms have been popular throughout cultures for ages due to their many culinary and medicinal purposes.

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