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When kept on a doorstep, the open-heart-shaped flower, anthurium, looks like it is opening its arms wide to welcome you. It automatically makes one’s lips curl up in a smile. Hence, it is also called the flower of hospitality, such is its presence. 

Anthurium flowers are some of the longest-lasting flowers on earth. This means the flower’s vibrant color does not fade away easily and can ornate your home for months.

Anthuriums are native to American rainforests, Northern Mexico, Northern Argentina, and parts of the Caribbean. They belong to the genus Araceae

Anthurium derives its name from two Greek words, the first word being ‘oura’ meaning tail and the second-word ‘Anthos’ meaning flower. Thus, it is commonly known as a ‘tail flower,’ attributed to the long tail-like structure that protrudes out of the center of the heart-shaped flower. 

Several other names are also called for anthuriums, such as Flamingo Flower, Boy Flower, Painted Tongue, and Painter’s Palette. All the names are attributed to the flower’s vibrant color and shape.

What does the Anthurium flower symbolize?

The anthurium flower’s meaning is associated with several fantastical legends and mythology. The flower is said to bring luck and protect one from the evil eye. One legend is that the magical fairies slumbered under the anthurium when the petals closed at sunset. Perhaps because of the flower’s association with magical stories and legends, it represents anticipation. 

The flower is also associated with adaptability, as it can bloom in warm and cold weather. Depending on different cultures, the flower anthurium assumes several meanings.

The anthurium flower is associated with hospitality. The open-hearted flower is soothing to the eyes and can automatically attract visitors to come and take a closer look. 

It is placed in most houses at the entrance to give a feeling of welcome, as that is the charm this vibrant flower oozes. It is believed to bring in good luck and a lot of positivity.

This flower is also linked with happiness. Owing to their vibrant coloration and beautiful velvety texture, anthuriums bring satisfaction and pure happiness. 

People with anthurium as their birth flower enjoy spending time with others and are happy-go-lucky. The flower brings in a lot of positive vibes, and its heart shape gives you a warm, welcoming feeling, either into a house or into a heart.

This exotic flower also symbolizes abundance. Keeping an anthurium flower is said to bring prosperity and fill your home with abundance. 

This flower can also be kept at the office or workplace, beside your desk, to bring in some positivity.

This vibrant colored and exotically textured flower signifies beauty and grace. It brings elegance to the homes of which it becomes a part. 

This heart-shaped flower is called the ‘Heart of Hawaii, ‘ representing love. 

In Greek Mythology, this flower is regarded as Cupid’s arrow and is said to bring love into one’s life. It is also said to bring luck to relationships.

Anthurium flowers convey sensuality and lust. They are called ‘Boy Flower and Painted Tongue‘ due to their exotic shape.  

All in all, the anthurium flowers symbolic meanings are:

  • hospitality
  • happiness
  • abundance
  • beauty
  • grace
  • love
  • sensuality
  • lust

Meaning of the Anthurium flower colors

White color

The white anthurium flower depicts purity and innocence. It is a perfect gift for someone you find beautiful. 

It is also used for the bouquets of the brides to symbolize purity. It is, therefore, widely used in wedding decorations. 

White Anthurium flower can be used for anything that depicts innocence, serenity, and purity.

Red color

The meaning of the Anthurium flower is incomplete without its reference to passion and love, especially the red anthurium. It depicts admiration and love as the flower itself is a heart-shaped one. It can make for one big romantic gesture to gift someone with red anthuriums. 

They are perfect for anniversaries and gifting to someone special on Valentine’s Day. It can make a bouquet look elegant and rich and can be gifted to anyone one admires.

Pink color

Pink Anthuriums symbolize compassion and femininity. It may not be used for romantic gestures, but this vibrant, beautiful flower can be gifted to someone to show admiration and respect. 

It can be gifted to one’s sister, mother, or friend to show love and appreciation. Gifting someone a pink anthurium on a first visit can warm the connections between families and friends.

Purple color

Purple anthuriums signify royalty, spirituality, and passion. Decorating a house, restaurant, or any other place with purple anthuriums can add chic to the ambiance and is very classy.

Green color

Green anthuriums are symbols of freshness, growth, and power. This flower color is neutral and can be gifted to anybody. It adds a dash of green to any household or office and adds to its beauty and charm.

Interesting facts about the Anthurium flower

  • The name anthurium is Greek, meaning ‘Tail Flower.’
  • The Anthurium flower can re-bloom all year. They bloom for eight weeks straight away. 
  • They require very little care to grow.
  • The flower’s color does not fade easily.
  • The heart-shaped anthurium flower is not a flower but a spathe or a shield-shaped leaf. The spathe is velvety and comes in many colors. Its function is to protect the spadix, which, when blooming, contains several small flowers.

How to grow Anthurium flowers

Anthuriums can produce colorful spathes year after year since they are perennial houseplants. In ideal circumstances, anthuriums can bloom up to six times annually.

  1. Grow the anthuriums in an area with plenty of bright, indirect light but not direct sunlight to prevent burning of the leaves.
  2. Anthuriums thrive in a warm environment, around 15-20°C, away from draughts and radiators.
  3. They prefer high humidity, so a bathroom or conservatory is an ideal spot for them.
  4. Planting them in groups can assist in increasing humidity.

How to care for Anthurium flowers

  1. Anthuriums prefer a moist environment. Maintain the pot on a tray of damp gravel or mist it with water several times per week.
  2. Maintain moist but not damp soil. Allow the soil’s top inch or two to dry somewhat between waterings.
  3. Fertilize with a phosphorus-rich houseplant fertilizer every two weeks in the spring and summer.
  4. Repot the plant every two years or when it gets pot-bound.
  5. Keep pets and children away from the plant, as ingesting portions of it can cause oral irritation and stomach trouble.

Best time to gift Anthurium flowers

Anthurium flowers are a sign of hospitality. The best time to give someone with an anthurium is when they are moving into a new house or an office. 

You can surprise someone with pink and purple anthurium flowers and gift them with a token of your love and appreciation. 

Red anthuriums can be gifted on anniversaries and Valentine’s Day and denote passion and love. 

Anthurium flower meaning and symbolism often refer to purity. It can be used for wedding ceremonies as they depict innocence and purity.


Anthuriums are not only beautiful because of their glossy, heart-shaped spathes, but they are also rich in meaning and symbolism. These flowers symbolize abundance, hospitality, and happiness.

Anthuriums are utilized in feng shui to generate a good fortune in romantic relationships. It’s no surprise that anthuriums captivate so many people.

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