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The Passion flower meaning directs towards trumpet vine perennials, which means that if handled appropriately, it will return every year.

The flowers are usually purple, but they can also be white or dark lavender. Also, on petals of certain blooms, alternate colors appear as bars. There are five petals and five sepals on each flower. It opens (the outer parts of the flower that enclose the flower before it blooms).

During June to September, the Passion flower blooms. The plant makes little yellow berries that are frequently known as “may pop” fruit.

Passion Flower is a plant with distinctive blooms that grows on a wooden vine. People call it after Jesus Christ’s Passion (sufferings and death) by Roman Catholic priests in the late 1500s. Various components of the orchid, particularly the petals, ray, and sepals, represent aspects of the Passion.

The five petals and five petal-like sepals of the blossom symbolized the ten apostles who stayed true to Jesus all through the Passion. Above blooms, a circle of hair-like structures rays resembled the crown of thorns that Jesus carried on the day of His death. The plant was discovered flourishing in what is now Latin America by the monks who called it.

The Passion flower bloom comes in a variety of shapes, from a shallow saucer to cylindrical-shaped or trumpet-shaped tubes, with five sepals, five petals, and several threadlike or membrane-bound. Outward manifestations from the vial that make up the coronal, the most visible and gorgeous feature of the bloom. A stem grows from the internal tunnel’s bottom, holding a circle of 5 stamens above the center (the male pollen-producing structures). The female component, or ovary, rises above the stamens, with 3 broadly distributing forms at the apex. Every variety has a button-like stigma at the base, providing it with the impression of a large-headed nail. Blooms can be little and inconspicuous or huge and magnificent. The ovarian seems to have a sole chamber and carries many seeds organized in three different groups, which mature into a berrylike or capsular fruit.

What does Passion flower symbolize?

The passion flower meaning and symbol relates for somebody who is processing for a religious ceremony in floral culture. The Passion of Christ is the religious ceremony in question. Every component of the flowers’ complex design does have a deep meaning related to Christ.

The passion flower meaning and symbolism is resurrection of Christ. Its many strands depict the lashing he received throughout his scourging, the filament of the crown of spikes on His forehead. The symbols the nails pounded into His hands and feet, and the anthers the five scars. Apart from that, the red-purple staining on the bloom represents Christ’s blood, and the ovary shafts resemble a cross pillar. These blossoms only emerge for 3 days, according to Christian theology, and are thought to represent the three days it took Christ to rise once more.

The other significant passion flower meaning and symbolism include:

  • Passion flowers meaning were thought to be a representation of riches and social status in Victorian times. Interestingly, Queen Victoria gave this blossom a new contemporary connotation. When Abraham Lincoln died, Queen Victoria prepared for a bouquet of passion blossoms to be presented at his memorial. It’s almost the polar opposite of what everyone else says!
  • Blossoms are also commemorated uniquely in the region of Tennessee in the United States of America. The passion flower was chosen as the official state flower of Tennessee by state school students in 1973!
  • A passion flower has a psychologically uplifting effect. It reduces mental, physical, and emotional stress while also promoting peace in the atmosphere. It also tends to purify the body and mind, allowing for a more pleasant beginning to the day.

What do the various colors of the Passion flower mean?

A Passion flower’s wonderful symbolism is a beginning and a clean slate. Apart from depicting Christ’s Passion, it also conveys the notion that believing in the possibility of the future can achieve stability in your spirit. For the heart and spirit, it is truly pleasant and soothing.

The various colors and passion flower meanings are enlisted below:


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The symbolism of a white may pop is purification and radiance. Take a close look at the lobes of these orchids in flower, and you’ll see how they shine out against the sea of green foliage.


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Maypops with their gorgeous crimson blossoms represent Divine passion and love. Aside from that, it also represents warmth and devotion.


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The appearance of pink passion flowers indicates our belief. It also exhibits a great deal of sympathy.


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Purple passion flowers are indicative of spirituality and dedication to Christ, similar to the deep purple colors worn by priests.


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The haziness of this flower’s color represents superstition and mysticism. It also expresses our desire to learn more.


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High values and qualities are symbolized by an orange passion flower. It serves as a constant reminder of life’s ideals and principles.

Interesting facts and characteristics of the Passion flower

1. Passion flowers are widely grown as decorative plants in landscapes or as bearing plants for harvesting. Its fresh flower components are used as food and beverage flavorings.

2. The plant was once used to treat mental illnesses like anxiety, sleeplessness, stress, delirium, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

3. If you have a small garden, you’ll need to prune the passion flower plants frequently because they’ll clamber over other plantings.

4. Passion flower vines are regarded as invasive pests in locations like Hawaii, where the species has managed to escape domestication.

5. Certain extremely scented passion fruits, such as the big Granadilla, are consumed as exquisite dessert fruits (P. Quadrangularis).

The Best time to gift someone Passion flowers

The Passion flower is a religious sacramental emblem for someone who is preparing for a religious sacrament. Passion of Christ is the religious rite in question. Offering them flowers at this time of their life would be a perfect gift from you, representing your support, respect, and belief in them.

You would never have seen a more exquisitely lovely blossom than the Passion flower. It is a garden favorite in Central America due to its exquisite blooming beauty and delicious passion fruits.