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The Yarrow is a legendary flower, but its appeal to pollinators makes it a valuable asset to any arid environment. Yarrow flower meaning lies in native Europe, which has spread throughout the world. Folks who believe in its beneficial properties still use this as an alternative treatment. Decorative bloom clusters and delicate foliage distinguish Yarrows, which are frequently found in cottages and butterfly parks. This flower is also called Achillea Millefolium, is a ubiquitous wayside wildflower in so many places.

Yarrows are tiny blooms from the Achillea species of the Asteraceae family that are endemic to moderate parts of Europe, Asia, and North America. It gets its name from the Greek word Hiera, which means “holy herb.”


Achilles, the Ancient Greek hero who was invincible and pose no threat apart from his heel, inspired the name Achillea. Due to the obvious plant’s prestige for speeding healing of wounds and the legend that he used it on the men wounded during the Battle of Troy. This identity ties the legend’s mythology.

The Millefolium component of the term alludes to the finely dispersed leaflets, which seem to have thousands of separate sections.

What does the Yarrow flower symbolize?

The yarrow flower is associated with both healing and love. Yarrow flower meaning and symbolism in floral terminology relates to healing, and it comes from Greek legend.

Not only is the blooming renowned, but it is also meaningful. Here are some metaphorical interpretations of yarrow in floral vocabulary:

Eternal Love

Yarrow flowers meaning is incomplete without the word marriages and sometimes even draped over marital mattresses in the expectation of cultivating genuine affection for 7 years post-wedding. The blossom has now become synonymous with romance in contemporary days. And that is why the blossom is also known as the “seven-year-love flower.” Yarrows are often thought to be a remedy for a failed relationship in several cultures.

Warfare and Strength

Yarrow, also known as soldier’s wound wort, military plant, and knight’s milfoil, is a symbol of courage, specifically amid wartime. Wearing the blossoms is also supposed to bring safety and bravery.

Recovery and Good Physical health

In addition to the fabled Achilles, battlefield medics in the American Civil War used mashed plants and flowers to treat gunshot wounds.

There are many other Yarrow flowers meaning and symbolism references.

Yarrow’s flower meaning was discovered in Neanderthal tombs where ancient ancestors consider them holy flowers. The Druids are also supposed to have used vine stems and limbs in their ceremonies to predict what will happen and the climate. Some people in medieval Europe are using them to invite or expel malevolent entities.

Dreaming of Yarrows signifies that somebody will receive positive news.

Some yarrow-related practices, such as combusting dried herbs as fragrances in the expectation of flooding the house with joy and affection. Placing flowers in hot baths to obtain magic abilities are all still done today.

What do the various colors of the Yarrow flower mean?

The Yarrow flower meaning and significance is multi-layering, spanning from millennia of ancient use to the hues of the blossoms.

The various colors and Yarrow flower meanings are enlisted below.


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Color white is a means of regeneration, calm, purity, new horizons, hope for the future, as well as clarity of thought. This hue expresses your belief in someone’s ability to begin a new chapter in their life.


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The Yarrow flower’s pink color represents affection, joy, pleasure, freshness, and excitement. You can give these blooms to someone who, in your opinion, resembles the above attributes.


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Love, romanticism, daring, strength, and endurance are all associated with the color red. You can give these blooms to anyone you care about if you want folks to know how you feel.


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Friendship, kindness, joy, festivity, and positivity are all represented by the yellow color of the blossom. You can send these flowers to loved ones on special occasions to commemorate and preserve happy memories.


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Orange symbolizes enthusiasm, new beginnings, admiration, thankfulness, and companionship. You can present these flowers to someone for whom you have feelings of admiration and appreciation.

Interesting facts and characteristics of the Yarrow flower

  • Yarrow was once only available in white and yellow variants. Because of diligent breeding programs, it now comes in a far broader variety of hues. Typical yellow yarrow is now coming in a multitude of hues such as Pink, magenta, salmon, red, gold, and yellow.
  • It is the most effective herbal remedy currently available, that treats various ailments, colds, flu, fever, cramps, menstrual irregularities, and skin problems and discomforts. Multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s diseases have all been treated with the herb. It also aids in the treatment of digestive problems such as ulcers as well as stomach problems.
  • Yarrow flower has been employed in religious and ceremonial settings to combat negative vibes and darkness over centuries. It was worn as a talisman or amulet to ward off devils or banish evil from a body.
  • Since the plants can be poisonous to pets, use caution when planting them in gardens with dogs and cats. These flowers are particularly attractive to bees and other pollinators.
  • For its astringent properties, the blossom has also been used in cosmetics for ages. Yarrow blossoms have been used for natural herbal hair rinses by certain American natives, particularly the Cowlitz. In addition, yarrow tea is supposed to aid in the maintenance of hair color and the prevention of hair loss.

The Best time to gift someone a Yarrow flower

Are you browsing for a thoughtful and gorgeous get-well present? Yarrow blossoms are adaptable and great for a variety of offering situations due to their significant connotations for both healing and passionate love. In a beautiful bouquet of roses and red tulips, contemplate substituting the fragile blooms for Baby’s Breath. Yarrow is a great arrangement for praying for better health to somebody who is sick and healing. This flower is perfect for giving to anyone who isn’t experiencing good.

An arrangement of Yarrows could also be a lovely way to commemorate significant events such as anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and other holidays. These blossoms can be presented to those who are going through a breakup because they are also a remedy for a shattered heart.