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Weddings are special occasions of celebration when the couple takes wedding vows in the presence of their friends and family. Weddings are organized keeping in mind all the traditions that should be in place on the day. Be it bouquet throwing, the first dance, or sharing the wedding favors, weddings have numerous moments to cherish.

To observe the role of guests, wedding giveaways are a mark of gratitude and most people want to express their feelings through them. Saying thanks to the guests in a memorable way through wedding giveaways or favors is considered an essential part of the celebration.

Tales behind wedding giveaways

The tradition of presenting guests with beautiful wedding giveaways or favors started back in the 16th century. In England, the tradition of gifts for guests was common and couples offered love knots to guests made of laces and ribbon. While, in traditional wedding giveaways of Europe, five sugared almonds denoting health, wealth, cheerfulness, long life, and fertility for the bride and groom, were gifted to guests.

Across continents, wedding giveaways are much prevalent. Countries such as India, Russia, Spain, and Italy observe the tradition of recognizing the participation of guests through exquisite and unique gifts. In most destination weddings today, giving wedding giveaways have become a norm, wherein, the gifts are based as per the theme of the wedding.

Types of wedding giveaways

Wedding giveaways can be anything to make the occasion memorable and fun. From miniature gifts, personal notes, custom glassware, floral candles everything works for happy and cheering guests. As the tradition has carried on for centuries, presenting customized giveaways can be a great idea. The list of wedding giveaways can include a number of other items like the tea towels, cocktail kits, seeds, personalized items, hand-written notes, succulents, and potted plants like a miniature rose bush.

From a wedding guest’s perspective, gifts should be small and easy to keep. This is why miniature gift forms are a trending idea. In the past few years, gifts in miniature gift forms, which are showy and creative have gained popularity. Whether it is a miniature rose bush or small succulents in a pot, giveaways should be worthy of keeping. The giveaway should bring a smile to the guest’s face.

Why a miniature rose bush is perfect for wedding giveaways

A wedding giveaway is a way to extend gratitude and remember the occasion with some lovely memorabilia. But choosing the wedding giveaway is tricky and enjoyable. It is part of a favor that is reciprocated by the bride and groom towards the guests. The majority of couples wish to gift things, which either suit the wedding theme or serve a purpose.

And a miniature rose bush and other potted plants in miniature forms have become a rage. Also, the rose signifies the love and bond of the bride and groom’s journey in the most beautiful ways.

Here are some reasons for choosing a miniature rose bush as your wedding giveaway:

  • A rose bush is a unique way to carry the memories of the wedding.
  • They are not susceptible to natural damage or wear & tear.
  • The charm and hue of a flower-like rose can brighten up the day for guests.
  • Miniature forms of the rose bush can be used for home decoration.
  • This wedding giveaway doesn’t require the guest to spend time on its upkeep.
  • Rose bush is quite an affordable gift to be given.
  • The rose bush can be customized as per the wedding theme.
  • Potted plants like a rose bush are environment friendly and a trending concept.

For the guests who have flown down from far-flung destinations to be part of the celebration, wedding giveaways are an ideal token of gratitude offered by the couple. The rose can be presented in different ways. The giveaway should be small and easy to keep, as guests will travel from the venue, soon after the wedding finishes.

Rose bush as a token of love and gratitude

Miniature rose bush can be presented in a small earthen pot. A ceramic or tin-based pot can also be perfect to plant those tiny rose bushes. However, plastic-based pots should be avoided to keep the wedding celebration environment-friendly. Rose bush can also be wrapped in an environment-friendly wrap.

These days weddings take place according to what the couple chooses. And the younger generation loves to experiment while exchanging their wedding vows. The wedding thus can be a destination wedding, beach or barn wedding, as well. There can be a specific theme that exuberates lavishness or may display simplicity.

No matter what the theme is, a miniature rose bush will appeal with all the wedding ideas. Similarly, choosing the color of the rose for the bush may also require some careful contemplation. When we speak about roses, the color that flashes in everyone’s mind is red. Although, more colors for the roses can be explored, especially around the wedding theme.

Blush pinks, bright amber, or deep red, rose bush should ideally match the spirit of the about-to-be-married couple. Miniature rose bush in vintage color like pale pink, claret, scarlet, emerald, maroon, and peach will also look alluring to guests. For destination weddings, wherein lavish setups are a common norm, miniature rose bush should be customized. They should be presented in creative vases or pots made with exclusive coverings. The names of the couple with a loving message can be etched on the vases.

Another big advantage of the miniature rose bush is its environment-friendliness. The rose bush requires less maintenance and can go on for years. The beauty of roses can brighten up the homes, within minutes. Most young couples select such gifts, which promote well-being and bring cheer to other’s life. Miniature rose bush is a small yet perfect way to convey deep emotions. Roses add up to the memory for guests who became part of the celebration. By simple, such a wedding giveaway can cut the budget and utilize the funds for charity or other good causes.