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Selecting the best funeral flowers can be a challenge. More often than not, it is common protocol to send a funeral wreath to the family in mourning. A smart way to make a choice of flowers to send is to inquire about the general theme of the funeral. You can do this by having a talk with the funeral organizer. He or she will be able to tell you about the color schemes and decor that have been decided on. A funeral wreath may not necessarily be in a round shape, as traditional ones are. Wreaths can contain special messages for the person they are meant for, and can be in unique heart shaped arrangements as well.

Funeral flowers and wreaths

Funeral wreaths are flower arrangements that are most related to funeral settings. They are the typical choice of funeral organizers and the grieving family. They are created on a circular frame and are round floral arrangements by design. A flower arrangement fashioned in the form of a wreath is symbolic of eternal love and emotion. You may send your wreath directly to the funeral home, church or crematorium, rather than directly to the family.

Tips to keep in mind when selecting a funeral wreath:

  • While selecting a wreath to send, make your choice personal. If you are close to the family, you may know what flowers they like. You may also have knowledge of the colors they prefer.
  • It is crucial that you invest some time in doing research while choosing a wreath. Specific flowers are metaphors for particular feelings, so you must think of appropriateness. Flowers convey a special meaning, more than ever at a funeral, so you must choose wisely.
  • Funerals may be formal occasions or informal ones. The wreath you send should be a reflection of that.

The general trend of funeral flowers and wreaths

Funeral wreaths are available in an array of designs, colors and flowers. Usually, reputable florists will sell hand-made wreaths crafted with fresh flowers. Designs are traditional and modern.

Normally, the flowers chosen for funeral wreaths are carnations, lilies, roses, chrysanthemums and the like. Accents of green foliage and wax flower fillers may be added.

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Popular funeral flowers for wreaths

Before you think of “putting something together”, you should seriously think of what different flowers signify in an arrangement. Here are some pointers:

  • Lilies – Lilies are the flowers that are most identified with funerals. Usually white lilies are selected. These have a strong aroma. Lilies are symbolic of the idea that the deceased soul is resting in peace and innocence has been restored. This flower is represented by the Christian belief in purity, virginity and the soul’s brilliance. According to Catholic tradition, it is believed that the lily was placed over the tomb of the Virgin Mary.
  • Carnations – These are versatile flowers as they come in a range of colors and can be matched with other flowers in an arrangement. Every carnation color has its own distinctive meaning. For instance, white represents innocence and red stands for affection. Pink carnations, usually a lighter version, are the favorite of Catholic devotees. They believe that the flowers are created from the tears of the Virgin Mary. Personalized tributes with carnations can be created to portray logos and other symbols related to the deceased.
  • Roses – Roses, along with lilies, are the common flowers of choice for funeral wreaths. As with carnations, roses come in an array of shades and each denotes a different meaning. Deep red roses exude love and sympathy. White roses are a metaphor for spirituality and purity. Yellow roses stand for the bonds of friendship. Dark pink hues are used to show gratitude to the deceased.
  • Orchids – The universal meaning of orchids, whatever color they may be, is the message of love that they convey. These may be placed on a wreath along with other fuller flowers like roses. They usually last a long time after they are removed from the arrangement.
  • Chrysanthemums – The connotation of chrysanthemums changes, depending on which part of the world you are in. In the USA and parts of Europe, these flowers send messages of honor and compassion. In Asia, these flowers are symbolic of rebirth.

Wreath symbolism

Wreaths at funerals have been used since the time of the Ancient Greek civilization. Throughout history, wreaths have come to represent the circle of life. Records show that evergreen wreaths were often placed at burial sites of old Christians who died as martyrs in Europe. Funeral wreaths are a poignant way to honor the deceased. There are many options while choosing the ideal wreath for the deceased being remembered. Classic white wreaths are popular and you can’t go wrong with them. Combinations of different flowers in similar colors can be blended for a beautiful wreath arrangement. Whatever you ultimately choose should be a reflection of your honest feelings and the people you are offering your sympathy to.