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Coreopsis has 80 species and all them are native to America. 28 of them are originally from North America. The rest are found in the Central and South. This flower looks similar to a daisy, and it belongs to the Asteraceae family. It can be an annual plant or perennial, depending on the species.

Coreopsis flower is a Native American flower, but it also grows comfortably in manicured lawn/backyards, and micro-prairies. You will find these resilient flowers growing in gardens, fields, and by the roads. It grows in places where the day temperature is 70 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the night temperature is between 50 – 60 degrees. These bright and cheerful flowers grow in abundance during spring and summer. It grows in areas where it is sunny, and the soil is well-drained.

Florida and Mississippi have given this flower its true recognition and have named the Coreopsis as the state’s wildflower. 13 species grow in Florida. The disk flowers in the middle have a brown or bronze color and the petals are brightly colored, making them look beautiful like daisies. These flowers start blooming in June and draw a lot of butterflies and bees.

One Coreopsis flower meaning can be understood from its name. Botanists have derived this name based on how the seeds of this flower look. This name comes from two Greek words – ‘Koris’ or bed-bug, and ‘Opsis’ or looks. Coreopsis is also called Tickseed because its seeds resemble bed bugs or ticks!

What do Coreopsis flowers symbolize?

Thinking about the Coreopsis flower meaning? According to the language of flowers, it has a lovely meaning. It means ‘always cheerful’ and these flowers truly live up to their name. Coreopsis can brighten up any space. The Coreopsis plant is hardy, and it can withstand a drought. It not only symbolizes beauty but resilience too. Coreopsis is long-lasting. Aptly then, the floral dictionary has decided the Coreopsis flower meaning to be ‘always cheerful’. It is also a symbol of love and represents ‘love at first sight’.

People of a few Native American tribes drank Coreopsis tea because they believed it would protect them from being struck by lightning. Some also believed that it helped in giving birth to a girl child.

What do the various colors of the Coreopsis flower mean?

The Coreopsis flowers are mostly yellow and golden. But few of the species have other colors like bronze, burgundy, and red. The ray florets which are like petals can also be white or orange. Nowadays, you will find hybrid Coreopsis too, which is a result of selective breeding. These man-made ones can be red, pink, or multicolored too. So in total, Coreopsis can be found in yellow, orange, pink, red, and white. Read on to know the various Coreopsis flower meanings according to the language of colors:

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Yellow – Yellow Coreopsis stands for joy, happiness, and friendship. These flowers will bring a positive vibe to the room when kept indoors. You can give yellow Coreopsis to people who are dear to you, like friends. Since this color stands for happiness and optimism, you can send these flowers to someone unwell as a “get well soon” gesture. You can send these flowers to anyone who’s feeling down to show your care.

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Orange – Orange represents enthusiasm, warmth, and energy. You can send orange Coreopsis to someone with whom you are emotionally attached. These flowers will let the recipient know they are the sunshine of your life. Orange is an exciting color and also symbolizes passion.

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Pink – The adorable pink Coreopsis means ‘admiration’. You can send these flowers as birthday gifts or graduation gifts. Pink is a gentle color that also represents love and romance. But you can give it to any girl or woman in your life, as it also signifies feminine energy. If you like somebody and are too shy to tell them verbally, express your feelings through pink Coreopsis. You can also send graceful pink Coreopsis flowers to express gratitude to your mother on Mother’s Day as pink stands for tenderness and motherly love. You can send them as a ‘get-well-soon’ bouquet to someone who’s recovering because yellow also represents ‘care’.

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Red – The lovely red color represents desire and passion. Surprise your love on Valentine’s Day with a bunch of red Coreopsis flowers. This would be a great way to show that you are committed to them singularly and are dedicated to this relationship. These flowers will assure your partner that you are not only deeply desirous of them, but you are deeply devoted too. So next time you want to surprise your love interest, send them a bouquet of red Coreopsis. These will also be a little less traditional than sending red roses.

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White – You can send white Coreopsis to expecting couples who are pregnant with a child, or to parents of a newborn. White is a pure color and is linked with spirituality and innocence. These are great flowers to let someone know how much you appreciate them for having a pure heart and being innocent. White also stands for faith, sincerity, and hope.

Interesting facts and characteristics of the Coreopsis flower

  • Before the Native Americans came to know about coffee, they boiled Coreopsis to make tea.
  • European settlers used dried Coreopsis as insect repellant.
  • When tea is made using the roots of Coreopsis, it can cleanse the body through vomiting.
  • Coreopsis tea helps in treating Diarrhea.
  • Coreopsis flowers are used for dying native fabrics.
  • The leaves of this plant have a fine texture and are oppositely arranged. They are attractive, lacy, and delicate.
  • A Coreopsis plant can grow up to 16 to 47 inches tall and be 15 to 18 inches wide.
  • Birds enjoy snacking on their seeds during autumn and winter.

Best time to gift someone Coreopsis flowers

People who have a garden, love cultivating these flowers as they are helpful in making a charming bouquet. Whenever you want to brighten up someone’s day, you can give them a bouquet of Coreopsis flowers. These flowers carry the message of cheer, as the Coreopsis flower meaning. These flowers are an ideal gift for any celebrations or happy occasions. Coreopsis can be perfect floral gifts for a family member, friend, or colleague.