Christine Smith


What Does the Pink Rose Symbolize

Image source  Flowers are probably the loveliest things on earth. Unarguably, among the uncountable variety of flowers roses are the most popular. These incredible flowers undeniably have something special about them. Dainty, fragrant, soft, and delicate, the pink rose is…


What do Waterlilies Symbolize?

Image source Water lilies are flowers that tend to usually grow in tropical and temperate climates around the world. These flowers look similar to Lotus because they have flowers floating on the surface of water, with its roots firmly in…

Magnolia flower

What Do Magnolias Symbolise

Image Source The magnificent Magnolias belong to an ancient genius of more than 200 plant species. Deciduous flowering shrubs and trees, Magnolias are beloved for their abundant and fragrant blossoms. Magnolia trees begin to flower even before the unfurling of…