Giving and receiving gifts is an act of gratitude and love. It is an important part of human interaction. Psychology has shown that the giver often reaps more benefits from this process; it evokes feelings of happiness and satisfaction while building motivation and validating the receiver. 

Gifting flowers is a practice that has existed for centuries. Flowers often express what words cannot. Each flower holds its meaning. The significance of each flower depends on the type, color and the number of flowers being gifted. 

Rose shrubs as a gift are the ultimate choice for many people. It is used in multiple festivals and inspires many poets and writers. Rose belongs to the family of Rosaceae, which collectively form shrubs. Rose shrubs have a wide range of colors that are fragrant at times.

Even though roses are the most beautiful flowers, they are quite difficult to maintain. However, rose shrubs are slightly different. Apart from having similar characteristics as roses, they are easier to maintain and grow.

So why are these flowers so popular for gifting? Here are a few reasons why you should be gifting rose shrubs: 

1. Rose shrubs are directly linked to our emotions.

When we think of the concept of gifting, it can be a very intimate and pure gesture. We give someone any item out of appreciation and, most of the time, love. Walking outside to your balcony or garden and watching rose shrubs bloom is a different experience. The recipient of the gift will always remember the person who gifted them the flowers every time they look at it. Gifting flowers, especially a rose shrub, can denote the strong emotions you feel for someone. 

It evokes a range of emotions that can strengthen a relationship. Flowers such as rose shrubs are such a perfect gift. Giving a delicate flower to somebody can bring forth emotions of joy, passion, gratitude and a promise of loyalty.

Studies have also claimed that flowers immediately impact a person’s happiness and well-being. 

2. Rose shrubs are available in a wide range of colors.

The colors of rose shrubs are strikingly beautiful and are available in abundance. Different colors denote different messages. 

Redmost common colorclassic Valentine’s Day flowersymbolizes love, romance, and passion
Yellowsign of jealousy during the 1900s(now) symbolizes friendshipacts as a good luck charm
Whiteoften seen at weddings or during baby showersrepresent innocence, loyalty and even a beginning
Pinka rose of thank yous and sweet memoriesstand for elegance, style and poetic romance

Even a withered rose is very romantic, as written by multiple authors. It is a remembrance of love and something meaningful.

It is a perfect gift choice with more than 20 colors. People can explain their thoughts and emotions through this simple yet symbolic gift.

3. Rose shrubs are easy to maintain.

Giving a gift that grows with you is more meaningful than buying something that might break at some point. Rose shrubs are easy to maintain, which makes them an ideal gift to give. They do not require much attention and are very resilient. This means that you have a lesser chance of killing the plant. 

These flowers can be a gift for any occasion, from birthdays to housewarmings. Rose shrubs can also be kept indoors as they do not require too much sunlight. Most rose shrubs are hybrids; they usually do not require a person to have gardening skills or a lengthy instruction manual. Little love and water are all they need.

4. Rose shrubs are visually appealing.

Rose shrubs are beautiful, and there is no doubt about that. They have vibrant colors that can brighten up any space. Even when they dry up, they are beautiful. When a gift appeals to the eye of the recipient, the impact of the gift can last longer.

Gifting a pot of rose shrubs or even individual pieces can add positivity and happiness to the person. It is an ornamental plant that attracts beautiful butterflies on its soft petals, creating a burst of sensory pleasures.

5. Rose shrubs are aesthetic.

Rose shrubs are a part of history. They have a long cultural significance in books, poetry and even art; they adorn ancient paintings.

Rose shrubs were closely associated with Goddess Aphrodite. The symbol of the rose was also the inspiration point for the creation of the rosary. The first painting of the rose depicted a bird sitting on a wild rose.

Painters like Henri Latour were an enthusiast of roses. With such a deep-rooted history, Rose shrubs can reflect a real-life painting. Even now, roses are seen as an aesthetic piece in the house. It brings color and blends with the woods and ivories in the space.

A dried, withering rose is also viewed as an aesthetic and symbolic piece. It represents the end of something and gives hope for a beginning. Dried roses are commonly used as home décor and bookmarks. Gifting a rose would be like gifting a painting, a poem, or an art piece.

6. Rose shrubs are fragrant.

Any gift that can evoke any part of the sense organ is a well-thought-out gift. Rose shrubs have a lovely fragrance that lingers in the air. The smell of roses is very calming and therapeutic. Rose oil can be expensive at times. 

In such cases, having a rose shrub at home can be a cheaper and more practical option. It enhances the aura of the space. Its fragrance is strong enough to waft through the little corners of the house. It creates a homely and welcoming atmosphere.

Roses are also used as a perfume on the body. Different roses have different scents. Some are musky, while others are sweet. Water, humidity and heat can intensify the smell of the roses.

7. Rose shrubs are edible.

What is better than a gift that is beautiful, colorful and fragrant? If you can eat it, of course. Not every rose shrub is edible, but most of them are. The petals and the leaves of the plant can be consumed. Many cuisines around the world instill rose essence into their food, and now the person who receives a rose can do it too.

The petals can be made into jams, pickles, lemonades, salads and even water; the possibilities of this plant are endless.

Rose petals are also considered to be good for the body. Rosewater can be used to relieve a sore throat and prevent coughs. Rose oil is commonly used for insomnia and is responsible for reducing blood pressure.

8. Rose shrubs can be used for skin care and hair care.

If something put on your skin can be consumed, then it is a winner. Rosewater is a common product used by multiple bloggers and celebrities as a toner or a mist.

Rose petals are used all around the world for their skincare properties. Greeks and Romans used it in their baths. Indians use it in the form of face masks or toners. 

Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits are reaped by many. People either use products infused with roses or make their rose skincare at home.

Rose shrubs can be gifted with a small manual attached that specifies how to make multiple skincare products at home. Gifting someone a rose shrub would give them ample freedom to create their mist for the skin and even the hair. This can be a very personalized and thoughtful gift.

9. Rose shrubs are a creative gift.

Rose shrubs can be used creatively for gifts. You can gift the whole plant and the pot or create a bouquet with individual flowers. Rose petals can be preserved and incorporated into jewelry.

Rose shrubs are dynamic and can be molded into any form. They can be paired with flowers like lavender, dianthus and other ferns. Roses can grow with multiple flowers as it only takes a little space. 

The stem of the plant is also used for multiple things. You can use it to make arrow shafts or even an accessory for a bouquet. 

Roses can be arranged as decoration pieces for the house or office space. This makes the product ideal for gifting purposes.


If you are someone who loves giving useful gifts, rose shrubs are the most multipurpose gift, it covers all the needs of giving gifts and is not only appealing but also beneficial in multiple domains. 

Rose shrubs do not have any age limits, and almost everyone smiles when they are gifted one. It has healing properties and vibrant colors to brighten the day. 

Rose shrubs also act as a protection tool and can act as a guard outside the house. The thorns on the plant act as protection from any outside threat.

It is a versatile plant that covers multiple needs. It has a deep meaning and can be a personalized gift.