We all know of the uniqueness of the continent that is Africa. From the species diversity in its forests to one of the largest deserts on Earth, the Sahara—Africa has several aspects of great importance to the world. One of these aspects includes the unique species of flowers indigenous to this continent.

Did you know that African flowers make one of the best gifts? As members of one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems, their evolutionary significance is breathtaking. Along with being able to adapt well to various climates, conditions, and terrains, many have medicinal, edible, and therapeutic properties. Almost all of them are big and beautiful, with bright and vivid colors that tell tales of the spectacular biodiversity of the continent.

There is no doubt that out of the world’s flowers, African flowers make the best gifts. Let’s dig in to see why.

Geissorhiza tulbaghensis

This flower is native to the Western Cape of the continent. Also known as the Tulbagh satin flower, it blooms during winter and continues to bloom until the spring.

Why does it make for a great gift?

The Tulbagh satin flower is perfect as a potted plant in rock gardens as it requires very low maintenance—it spreads easily. More importantly, it is a beautiful showy flower that blossoms largely in shades of white and purple.

Clivia miniata

Yet another low-maintenance plant that is perfect as a gift. It is a beautiful houseplant known as the yellow bush lily.

Why does it make for a great gift?

The Yellow bush lily does not require to be tended too much and requires shady areas to bloom. These sweet-scented flowers come in beautiful, eye-catching shades of yellow, orange, and cream.

Agapanthus africanus

Commonly called the lily of the Nile or the African lily, this flower grows best in warm weather and is a perfect potted plant to give as a gift. Unlike its predecessors, it requires medium maintenance but makes up for it by flowering beautiful umbel flowers in shades of white and blue.

Why does it make for a great gift?

The African lily blooms beautiful white or blue flowers in sunny areas. It is perfect to be gifted in a container or as a potted flower.

Gazania rigens 

This flower is also called the African daisy or the treasure flower of Gazania. It has vine-like stems, vivid flowers and bright orange to yellow flowers.

Why does it make for a great gift?

The vine-like stems of the African daisy, along with the foliage growing along the ground, make for a great decorative. Besides the fact that the colors of the flowers are beautiful and bright, it grows well and adapts to all kinds of climate. According to the climate and the conditions it is grown in, it can either be an annual or a perennial plant.

Protea cynaroides 

This beauty is called the national flower of the country of South Africa, and it flowers large dome-shaped flowers that measure up to 12 inches in diameter.

Why does it make for a great gift?

The Protea cynaroides, blooming big and beautiful flowers, dry well enough to make various decorative arrangements. The flowers vary in shade but are mostly white, red, or pink. The Protea flowers attract many beautiful birds, such as the orange-breasted sunbird. The added virtue of being able to attract such rare birds makes it one of the finest additions to any garden.

Crocosmia Everglow 

This flower is indigenous to the savannah regions of Africa. It requires medium to high maintenance, such as nutrient-rich soil and the perfect amount of sunlight. It is one of the preferred flowers to be gifted.

Why does it make for a great gift?

The Crocosmia Everglow flowers are often used as garden arrangements to make a statement because of their striking red-yellow color. It makes for a wonderful decoration when planted among other flowers.

Freesia leichtlinii 

Also called white freesia or wild freesia, this flower is native to the Western Cape of Africa and grows exclusively in pots and containers.

Why does it make for a great gift?

These white lance-shaped flowers are easy to maintain and bloom easily, making for a great gift to add to someone’s garden.

Ammocharis longifolia 

As a deciduous plant native to the Northern and Western Cape of Africa, it is also called the Malgas lily. The flowers are either white or pink.

Why does it make for a great gift?

The Malgas lily is known for its sweet and aromatic fragrance that resembles that of frangipani. It is easy to care for, and the flowers are ornate and come in beautiful decorative colors. It is an excellent container plant and therefore makes for the perfect gift.

Amaryllis belladonna

Also called the Belladonna lily or March lily is a deciduous flowering plant from the Western Cape of Africa. 

Why does it make for a great gift?

A single stem of the March lily gives rise to about 11-12 showy flowers in shades of pink and white. It is an excellent addition to rock gardens as a potted or container plant. The plant blooms best when planted in sunny locations.

Dimorphotheca tragus 

An herbaceous plant that flowers beautifully vivid orange flowers instantly catches the eye. It is also known as the ox-eye daisy and Cape marigold, which can survive drought-like conditions.

Why does it make for a great gift?

Flowering bright and beautiful orange flowers, the Cape marigold is easy to care for and requires very low maintenance. Besides being suitable for water-wise gardens, it attracts bees and butterflies because of its brightly colored florets. It is an excellent addition to gardens when planted in groups, as the color tends to stand out well. It is also a perfect gift when given as an assortment bouquet.

Pelargonium cucullatum 

A beautiful pink flowering plant that has helpful medicinal properties. It has a characteristic smell that is emitted on rubbing the flowers. 

Why does it make for a great gift?

The flower is also used for baking, giving the food its characteristic pink color. Its medicinal properties include being used as a poultice to treat various stomach ailments. 

Oxalis hirta 

A beautiful ornamental flower that is native to the Western Cape of the continent. 

Why does it make for a great gift?

It is easy to grow in well-drained soil and requires low maintenance. The flowers are petite and bloom in shades of red and pink. They are best grown as potted plants, in containers, or rock gardens. It is used mostly as a decorative ornament.

Eucomis comosa 

This plant originates from the KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape region of Africa. The most striking feature of this plant is its sweet fragrance.

Why does it make for a great gift?

Besides being so aromatically appealing, the Eucomis Comosa sprouts slender, visually appealing pineapple-shaped flowers. The flowers vary in color from white to cream and purple. This plant is a perfect container plant.

Dimorphotheca pluvialis 

This flower is also called the weather prophet or rain daisy since they bloom exclusively during a moderate rainfall.

Why does it make for a great gift?

The rain daisy is a wonderful contribution to gardens as it makes for a vividly colorful display. It is also an appealing container plant. It does not require much care and is comparatively easy to grow.


Also called the Crane flower, this plant is a native of South Africa and is featured on their 50-cent coin. The flower is a stunningly dreamy shade of orange and makes for one of the best gifts.

Why does it make for a great gift?

The Strelitzia signifies magnificence, royalty, freedom, and optimism. It is one of the best anniversary gifts as it signifies success and faithfulness. The color is a striking orange and looks almost as exotic as the country it originates from.

Calla lily 

This plant originates from South Africa and is one of the most popular flowers used as a decorative flower during Easter and Christmas. In Christianity, the calla lily signifies faith and purity. 

Why does it make for a great gift?

It makes for a wonderful gift as it represents liveliness, youth, and beauty and conveys all these emotions to the recipient. The calla lily makes for a classy addition to various gardens and potted plant collections. They are easy to grow and care for.


As seen from just a few examples cited above, African flowers make for unique and exotic gifts due to their ability to adapt and rare appearances. 

Flowers have been given as gifts for centuries as signifiers of human emotion—love, respect, friendship, and gratitude. 

What better way to express your unique love for another than by gifting those African flowers?