Grandparents are special and deserve to know that their grandchildren treasure them. They are important family members, and any day is a good day to celebrate their contribution to your life. However, the official day to celebrate the significance of grandparents is on the first Sunday after Labor Day. 

Grandparents always spoil their grandchildren with much love and great gifts. It’s now the turn of their grandchildren to give back and show how important their grandparents are to them.

The question arises, what are the ideal flowers to include in Grandparents Day flower arrangements?

Before selecting the flowers, see what some flowers mean and how they are just right for including in Grandparents Day flower arrangements.


Forget-me-not is the official flower for Grandparents Day, and you don’t want to miss out on adding it to the flower arrangement you want to order for them. These tiny, delicate blue flowers have a deep meaning.; they symbolize love, respect, and the promise to remember someone forever.

Historically, forget-me-nots have been connected to many meanings through folktales and fables. They represent long-lasting connections that cannot be broken. Forget-me-nots are birth flowers for those born in September, the same month you will be ordering your Grandparents Day flower arrangements. 

With forget-me-not in the flower arrangement, you share a message that your grandparents will be in your thoughts eternally.


Without roses, most flower arrangements seem incomplete. After all, it’s the most admired flower in the world, and your grandparents may be fond of it too. 

Now that’s easy! No, it’s not the classic red rose you should pick for your grandparent’s bouquet, but the ever-elegant peach rose, vibrant orange rose, and cheerful yellow rose.

Peach roses represent sincerity and gratitude, and surely all grandchildren are thankful for the love and care they get from their grandparents. 

Bright and beautiful orange roses are given to someone to tell them how much they mean to you. That makes them a must-include flower in a bouquet for your grandma and grandpa. 

Yellow roses convey joy, positivity, and appreciation, everything you may want to express through a grandparent’s day flower arrangement.


Lilies represent devotion and good luck. However, different colored lilies symbolize different things in different cultures. The best colors for Grandparents Day flower arrangements are white, orange, and yellow lilies. 

White lilies represent virtue and purity. Grandparents are highly esteemed for their guidance, wisdom, and unconditional love. Give them white lilies to express your admiration for their righteousness and other good qualities. 

Show-stopping orange lilies stand for pride, and they can tell your grandparents how proud you are of them. These bright, bold flowers will add a cheerful note to the entire flower arrangement. 

Yellow lilies are perfect for a flower arrangement for this occasion as they represent thankfulness, loyalty, and happiness. Say thanks to your grandparents for all the love they have showered on you through the years with some yellow lilies in the flower basket.


Orchids are the most adored ornamental flowers. There are about thirty thousand different species of orchids in the world, and most of them bear beautiful flowers. These graceful flowers represent thoughtfulness, strength, refinement, and love. 

An array of colored orchids mean different things, but for your grandparents, any color would make them happy. If you want to stick strictly to flower symbolism to add meaning to your Grandparents Day flower arrangement, go for white, purple, green, and yellow orchids.

White orchids stand for purity, elegance, faith, and beauty. These are the qualities grandchildren often see in their grandparents. If you want to share these emotions, white orchids are the go-to flowers for a flower bouquet for your grandparents.

Awe-inspiring purple orchids represent admiration, respect, and dignity. These flowers will speak volumes about your true admiration for your grandmom and granddad. 

Yellow is a sunny, cheerful color that inspires positivity and brightness in people’s lives. A few yellow orchids can add positivity and enthusiasm to the bouquet. 

Green orchids represent blessings, good fortune, and longevity. Green orchids will tell your grandparents that you are seeking their blessings and praying for their long life. 

If your grandparents are reflections of boldness and enthusiasm, you can also choose to go with vivid and bright orange orchids.


These flowers are also known as the flower of the gods as they are connected to mythical stories. Carnations symbolize different things in different countries. These pretty flowers grow in a wide array of colors. 

Over the centuries, carnations have inspired poets, artists, musicians, and authors with their beauty, and they will also make gorgeous additions to your Grandparents Day bouquet.

The colors of these flowers you like to include depend on the message you want to deliver through your flower gift on Grandparents Day.

Pink carnations symbolize fondness, gratitude, motherly love, and admiration. It is one of the most popular flowers chosen on Mother’s Day and is a perfect fit for Grandparents Day flower arrangements. 

White carnations are for wishing good luck and telling someone how pure they are. It is an ideal flower for wishing the elderly a healthy and prosperous life. 

Like most red flowers, red carnations symbolize love and admiration but not in a romantic context. It represents the affection that you feel towards your granny and grandpa. 

Gorgeous, glamorous carnations are perfect additions to a bouquet for your grandparents.


The ever-sunny, bright sunflower is another lovely addition to Grandparents Day flower arrangements. These lovely yellow flowers symbolize longevity, happiness, admiration, good fortune, and long life. 

Give your flower bouquet, wreath, or flower basket a delightful look with sunflowers to express your loyalty and admiration for them.

Sunflowers have been associated with different meanings over centuries and are seen as signs of optimism, reliability, and everlasting faith in most cultures. These are flowers that fit well in bouquets meant for happy occasions

Sunflowers can be kept in vases, too, and do last for a couple of weeks when kept properly.

Stock Flower

Stock flower, hoary stock, gilly-flower, or Matthiola, are believed to promote love and are loved for their sweet, strong scent. These long-lasting blooms represent admiration, lasting beauty, a contented life, and happiness. 

Stock flowers are mentioned in English literature dating back to Chaucer, Spenser, and even Shakespeare. Stock flowers may not be the regular, conventional bouquet flowers everyone would consider, but their presence in a flower garden basket surely elevates the charm.

If your grandparents like novelty and floral fragrances, stock flowers can be an innovative, refreshing, and interesting addition to the flower arrangement.


Dahlias say, “I am happy you love me,” and, “I think of you every day,” and that’s exactly the message most grandchildren want to convey to their grandparents. 

These flowers are an all-time favorite representing elegance, lasting, and inner strength. They look impressive in bouquets and make them stand out. 

Dahlias usually bloom in late spring and may be challenging to get during the Grandparents Day celebration. However, if your florist can arrange some for you, grab the chance and add some to your bouquet for your grandparents.


Delicate and sweet-smelling freesia is a springtime favorite. This flower symbolizes trust, thoughtfulness, and sweetness. Freesia in the Netherlands represents unconditional love and honor. A bunch of fragrant freesias can uplift the mood of anyone.

Different color freesias communicate different messages. Yellow freesia expresses happiness and optimism and is ideal for sending someone who makes you happy. That surely sounds like a good flower to send to your grandparents… Doesn’t it?


Camelia is another much admired, elegant flower expressing love, admiration, and affection; every feeling a grandparent and grandchild shares. 

Pink camellia tells the recipient, you are missing them and long to be with them. 

White camellia blooms represent adoration and convey that you greatly like the recipient. 

What can be a better flower than that to shower your love on your Nonna and Nonno?

How to choose the right flowers

All these flowers will be wonderful additions to Grandparents Day flower arrangements, but you cannot possibly stuff them all in the flower garden bouquet.


Look for the availability of flowers. All florists may not offer all kinds of flowers. Many flowers express similar sentiments; select what is available with your florist.


Everyone has a budget when it comes to gifting. Choose flowers that seem reasonable to you. It depends on where you stay and what your florist can offer at that time of the year.


Ask yourself what message you want to communicate through the flower bouquet. Add flowers that symbolize the feelings you want to express.


So, what are you planning to give your grandparents this Grandparents Day? No matter what you choose, nothing can beat a thoughtfully picked bouquet. A gift accompanied by pretty flowers never fails to lift their mood by a notch. 

Maternal or paternal, let your bouquet on Grandparents Day be the communication channel. Every flower denotes something and has much to express. Choose flowers according to their meaning to make the flower arrangement more expressive and appropriate. Make it a mixed basket or a bouquet to tell them your emotions and feelings through a floral tale.