Have you ever seen a blue rose in real life? You may have seen, read, or heard of a blue rose in a romantic novel, a poem, a legend, or a movie. You cannot find a blue rose in the field because a blue rose doesn’t exist in reality in nature. Does this confuse you? This article will explain the most interesting facet of this beautiful flower, the blue rose.

Blue roses are one of the rarest flowers that exist. A blue rose belongs to the genus Rosa, which presents a violet or blue pigmentation. But they are not present in nature because of their genetic constraints. This is because the blue pigment delphinidin is not present in the petals to produce that color. Researchers have attempted to artificially produce this flower, but they could not achieve a pure blue tint.

How do florists sell blue roses? The first method is simple: the florists dye a white rose by spraying the white rose with a special blue dye. The second method is more tedious, where the stems are soaked in blue dye so that the veins soak up the color giving the flowers a blue shade.

What does a blue rose symbolize?

A blue rose’s meaning is often associated with secrecy, ambiguity, unattainability, and mystery. This is because while so many different varieties of roses are grown all over the world, it’s only the blue rose that cannot be grown naturally. Hence, these flowers are often associated with something that can be achieved only in a distant dream.

Another blue rose meaning is that it signifies royalty because the color blue is strongly associated with splendor and royal families with blue blood.

Blue rose is often associated with the imaginative, the wishful, and the free thinkers. The quest of growing them naturally has been going on for centuries, and several florists are still giving it their all. 

In some cultures, the blue rose is analogized to the Holy Grail (the chalice used by Christ at the Last Supper); thus, it is considered holy or divine in the world of roses.

Yet another blue rose meaning is to mark a new beginning. This is because it is such an unusual color amongst roses that it symbolizes the excitement and joy of beginning a new life or venture.

There is a popular legend of the blue rose in Chinese folklore. This legend talks about honesty and attaining what seems to be impossible. So blue rose is commonly associated with unrequited love or unattainable love.

It is not unusual that every rose color transmits a message and is associated with a special occasion. A red rose is ubiquitous with love and passion, the white rose stands for purity and divine love, and the yellow rose signifies friendship or could be gifted on any formal occasion. Similarly, a blue rose meaning is that it signifies several of the emotions mentioned above.

What are the several occasions you can choose to give a blue rose as a gift?

Flowers are one of the most popular gifts, be it any occasion. They not only awaken our innermost emotions but delight our senses as well. 

Nowadays, blue roses are in demand. It is so rare, unique, and beautiful that it becomes more desirable. There are a lot of deep meanings and impressions associated with a blue rose, and hence a blue rose becomes a meaningful gift for several occasions

Also, since they are quite uncommon, they are a perfect gift for those special people in our lives to appreciate and acknowledge their importance and presence.

Dark blue is associated with thoughts and dreams, while light blue symbolizes feelings. Below is an overview of some special occasions on which blue roses can be gifted.

Proposal or profess a secret love

Blue roses are extraordinary and exquisite. You can give blue roses to express your secret love and convey your affection. 

A woman will surely be impressed, given the uniqueness associated with these roses. It is a unique way to express your deep love

Blue roses also mean that you are waiting for some miracle to happen, as a symbol of hope. So the most appropriate gift to exhibit your innermost feelings.

It is also an out-of-the-box idea and very creative to give a blue rose to profess your love rather than follow the herd of always gifting a red rose.

Gifting blue roses to a woman is also associated with the admiration of her mysterious nature and appreciation of her uniqueness.

Special occasions


We often wonder what special gift we should buy for a friend’s birthday. This time choose something different that your friend will surely love. 

A bouquet of blue roses will be a unique gift that your friend will remember for many years. It will also help you stand out from the rest of your gang, given the uniqueness of the gift.


There is a huge demand for blue roses in the far East because of their role in fairy tales. Blue roses are very popular as an engagement gift to couples to help blossom love between the couple. Almost like the way it happens in a fairy tale.


Weddings are a lavish occasion in most cultures. No wonder the gifts need to be exotic as well. 

Blue roses have a regal status because of their rarity and the blue color, which is associated with royalty. It is also expensive because it is so rare. 

Gifting a bouquet of beautiful blue roses will be perfect for this occasion.

Wedding anniversary

Blue roses symbolize uniqueness and elegance. Gift blue roses to your wife to recognize her style and elegance. The color blue in a relationship symbolizes trust, loyalty, and depth. She will be impressed with your creative thinking and thoughtfulness. 

Make your wedding anniversary extra special by gifting your wife these special roses.

Mother’s Day/Father’s Day:

Parents have always showered us with an undying love. It’s time to show your love to them. 

Gift them blue roses on this special occasion as a token of your gratefulness and their importance in your life.

New beginning/ Wishing good luck

Blue roses symbolize a new beginning or a fresh start. You can give a bouquet of blue roses to someone opening a new venture, like a café or a restaurant. 

It is also a symbol of change for the better. A perfect gift to wish good luck to someone who got a promotion or is starting a new job.

The blue rose symbolizes belief and hopes to carefully venture into the unknown situation. The popular belief is that blue is reminiscent of gazing out of a window to see a new world. 

The feeling and excitement to start something new can be acknowledged by gifting blue roses. It is a way to convey that you support the person who is treading a whole new path to achieve his dreams.

Welcoming a baby boy

In many cultures, traditionally, blue is associated with masculinity. 

You can give the new mother a bunch of blue roses to welcome a baby boy. The new mother will most definitely appreciate your unique taste and thoughtfulness.

Start of a new friendship/ relationship

Blue rose stands for long-term commitment and trust. It’s the best gift for starting a new relationship, as it will certainly develop a bond of trust.

A token of appreciation

Blue roses are one of the best gifts to symbolize appreciation in any event, especially if the events are associated with the arts. 

Renowned painters like Van Gogh and Monet during the impressionist era used flowers like lilies which were blue in several of their works. These artists would often experiment with the hues of the flowers to compose a deeper shade of blue than nature. This has led to associating blue roses and blue flowers with creativity.

So blue roses are great gifts for musicians, artists, writers, etc. People with creative mindsets will value it.

Surprise gift

Who doesn’t like surprises, especially if it is an unusual gift? Flowers are always a pleasant way to surprise a friend or a loved one even without an occasion

These extraordinary and beautiful flowers will surely create a lasting impression.


There are several reasons to give these beautiful and extraordinary blue roses. The color itself is so magnetic and enchanting that it automatically draws viewers’ attention toward itself. Their unique and rare color is one of the biggest motivations for gifting a blue rose.

Be it any occasion; flowers are one of the most appropriate gifts. It is a great way of expressing your feelings or showing respect towards someone. Gifting a flower is simple, but it shows a lot of attention and care toward the person who receives them. The unique color and the rarity of a blue rose makes it desirable for everyone, and its enchanting looks can captivate anyone’s attention.

If you plan to give blue roses to your friend, family, or special someone, you can include a note along with the flower arrangement. It elevates the note and accurately depicts your love and appreciation for that person.