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Flowers are wonderful gifts to give to your loved and close ones. An arrangement of some beautiful flowers can light up anybody’s day!

What’s more, is that you can keep the flowers in a vase and display it wherever you want in your space. You can even keep dried petals in the memory of the gift.

All in all, sending gifts to a person you love and care about takes some deliberation. In most cases, gifts are a good option but you can miss the mark with them.

But flowers, you never go wrong.

Wondering what to keep in mind before deciding to send flowers to somebody you know? You’ve come to the right place. This blog covers everything you need to know about sending birthday flowers.

Why do flowers make for the best birthday gift?

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Symbolize elegance and simplicity

Every flower is unique. So, when you choose an arrangement to send, you carefully select flowers that will make the recipient happy.

Since all flowers have meanings behind them, you choose the ones that will fit right for the person receiving them.

Also, a simple arrangement of beautiful flowers that smell wonderful is the simplest joy you can send to somebody on their birthday.

No hassle

With other kinds of gifts, wrapping the presents and taking them to the person becomes tedious. There’s always a chance that the gift you purchase may become damaged as well.

Flowers, on the other hand, come as easy. Sure, you have to worry a little about the arrangements and the petals, but that’s about it.

You don’t have to worry about whether the recipient will love it or not. Also, it does not create waste, such as wrapping paper and bows, to dispose of.

Personal touch

Since sending birthday flowers requires time and effort, it is personal. The recipient can feel your feelings when they look at a bunch of flowers you send.

Also, it is easy to see that you carefully chose the flowers that they love, or they would love.

Tips to sending birthday flowers

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This part will be divided into three sections to help you keep the tips in mind better:

Tips to send birthday flowers to a woman

Buying anything for a woman can become confusing, especially if it is on her birthday. Since women have specific tastes and preferences, some deep thought is required. Here are some tips on sending birthday flowers to women to make the process easier for you:

Roses: The best choices

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You can never go wrong with roses. Red, pink and yellow is good options to choose from. These colors signify love, care, and friendship. All bouquets of all three of these would make her very happy.

But if the recipient is not a romantic partner or a love interest, then you should skip on red.

Orchids: To make her feel extra special

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Orchids are beautiful. They look serene and colorful, which is one of the reasons why they are best suited to be gifted to women.

Another reason to choose orchids as birthday presents is that these flowers can bloom for months with the right care.

Creative color combinations in these flowers make for a colorful birthday gift.

Lilies and Tulips: The elegant choice

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If you’re looking for tips on sending birthday flowers for an older woman, a mother, or an aunt, you should keep in mind to stay away from the smaller flowers.

Mostly, florists prefer to arrange larger flowers, like lilies and tulips for older women. These flowers suit their tastes better.

To make the arrangement look better, you can ask the florist to add carnations or orchids to the mix.

Things to keep in mind before sending birthday flowers to women

  • You should make sure that the packing is as beautiful as the flowers. Do not go with flowers wrapped in plastic.
  • Add a couple of chocolates or any other snack she likes to have to the mix. This will make her very happy.
  • Consider her tastes and preferences when you choose flowers for her. Women, generally, in passing mention the kind of flowers they like. Or they mention what they may like. Keep that in mind.
  • Add a personal message to the flower arrangement. This will make your gift more personal.
  • Lastly, remember to send it to the right place. If your arrangement is too romantic, do not send it to her workplace. Send it to her house instead. Or better yet, give the bouquet to her in person.

Tips to send birthday flowers to a man

Mostly flowers are considered as good presents for women. But there are some amazing choices to choose from to send men on their birthdays as well:

White Orchids

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White orchids are beautiful, delicate, and sophisticated. These flowers are gender-neutral, which is why they make for a good gift for men.

Also, the white color adds calmness to the environment. Orchids do not need care as much as other types of flowers, so the recipient does not have to worry about caring for it either.

Birds of Paradise

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These flowers are eye-catchy. From the shape of the tropical flower to the color combinations, this one will catch anybody’s attention.

Giving these to a man will signify faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness.

And let’s just be honest, it would look wonderful in any room.

White Anemones

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These white flowers with dark interiors look like the perfect addition to any man’s space. Despite portraying a romantic appeal, this flower remains masculine.

This will make for a great gift on a birthday or an anniversary.

Things to keep in mind while sending birthday flowers to men

  • When you think about gifting flowers for a birthday to a man, go bold. Men are love to exude power, sensitivity, and love in a masculine sense, which should be kept in mind while choosing something.
  • White is the best color to choose if you can’t find anything that you like for the recipient. The color is gender neutral and adds a touch of elegance.
  • Always go for striking shapes. If you don’t think the recipient will love flowers, you should go with uniquely shaped flowers, that will catch their attention. It will also make them fall in love with the gift.
  • Consider the scent carefully. Like women, men like their spaces to smell in a specific manner. If the flower looks amazing but has a feminine smell, it will not be a good gift.

Tips on Sending Birthday Flowers to a workplace

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As spend most of our time at work, it is only natural for people to send gifts to the workplace.

That said since it is a professional setting, etiquette is required. If you’ve been contemplating sending birthday flowers to your friend, loved ones, siblings, or family’s workplace, here are the tips to keep in mind:

Keep the bouquet subtle

Bold choices go a long way. But when you send flowers to a workplace, a subtle gesture goes a long way.

Sending romantic flowers to your loved one’s home address could make sense, but that won’t fly in a workplace. You may end up making them feel embarrassed in front of their co-workers and business partners.

Remember the capacity of the recipient

If you’re sending birthday flowers to a boss, client, or business partner, remember to look for flowers that are gender-neutral.

Flowers that do not have a strong scent can also be on your list of ideas to send.

Add colors and gifts

When you send gifts to your loved ones, remember to add something extra personal for them.

Flowers are a great choice, but adding something they love alongside will make them happier.

Choose the right soft toys, coffee mugs, cupcakes, or chocolates to go with it.

Think about others

Since you’re sending the flowers to a workplace, you have to think about the co-workers as well.

Although flowers are for a specific person, if you send gifts, they will need to be for everyone.

If you’re sending cupcakes, send a whole basket of cupcakes. This will allow the recipient to enjoy their present and share them as well.

The Takeaway: Be careful of the person’s needs

When you decide to send flowers on a birthday, you need to consider who you’re sending them to and where you will send the flowers.

If you are sending the bouquet to a home address, you do not have to worry about the choices. But this is for those who are close to you.

For professional relationships, regardless of the address, be careful, respectful, and friendly. Going bold will not help you leave a mark on your birthday gift.

Always look for flowers that suit the personality of the recipient. Learn a bit about flowers and flower language. It will help you immensely to choose the right gift for the people who matter to you.

Never forget to add a note. If you buy a flower for a person without the meaning in mind, but because you thought the flower reminded you of them, leave a note.

Let flowers do the talking for you.